Government appointees engaged by the President to serve in the Bawku Municipal Assembly have been charged to discharge their duties with diligence, honesty, and love to realise service to humanity.

The appointees are to ensure that government businesses at the Assembly were executed perfectly to bring development and promote good governance at the local government level.

Mr David Adoliba, Presiding Member (PM) of the Assembly made the call at the swearing in of nine government appointees by Mr Prosper Gomashi, the Bawku Circuit Court Judge in Bawku.

Mr Adoliba urged the appointees to bury their political differences and forge ahead to contribute towards the development of the area, and said unity among them would bring about perfect consensus to promote quality livelihood for the people in the area.

He said athough they were appointed politically, they should consider their relationship with the elected Assembly Members as one people serving in one house for the same goal and should therefore do business in the house devoid of politics and serve all the people equally regardless of one’s political affiliation.

The Presiding Officer underscored the need for unity in the house and said it was the only way they could objectively work against social misconducts such as corruption, mismanagement of state properties among others.

He indicated that with commitment, honesty, sincerity and compassion towards work in the house, members would be able to fight these negative social vices that bedevil most of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the country.

He called on the appointees to assume the role of development agents for the municipality and cooperate effectively with the old members in order to share their experience.

Alhaji Insuah Abubakar, Coordinating Director for the Bawku Municipal Assembly, encouraged the appointees to access any facility of the assembly when they want to, because it was prepared to work with them to bring development to the area.

He called on them to be active on sub-committee meetings by making their inputs that would help speed up development of the assembly for the benefit of the people.



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