The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA), with the support Clean Ghana Now (CGN), NShoreNa and Think Ghana, assisted by the 48th Engineers Regiment are leading 500 community members to clean and begin the reclamation of the Kpeshie Estuary and a major part of the La Beach front. The joint exercise begins at 6:00 am on Saturday October 25, 2014.

Kpeshie Lagoon-La Beach

This is a unique exercise beyond cleaning and collecting garbage. We will be separating plastics, demonstrating on the spot how to reuse plastics and bringing back a finished product made from the discarded and recycled plastic to beautify an area in the community, said Sarah Asafu-Adjaye, a member of Clean Ghana Now.

The clean up this Saturday is innovative, in that it brings together in a joint exercise, the local assembly who have the statutory responsibility to clean; the engineers regiment of the army, who have the expertise and the heavy equipment to make the difference; community leaders; youth groups; environmental service providers assigned to LaDMA, and civil society organizations led by Clean Ghana Now and NShoreNA.

La is a microcosm of Accra, consisting of polluted but potentially beautiful beaches, million dollar homes, up-scale hotels and urban slums. With NShoreNa s experience of advocating and mobilizing for clean beaches and Clean Ghana Now s unique approach of incorporating best practices and promoting the turning of waste into value, this clean up precedes the National Sanitation Day activities, and will eventually lead to turning LaDMA into a model for replication by all Districts Assemblies in Ghana.

We are inviting the media and volunteers to join us in this exercise from 6:00 am, to participate in the first phase of the eco-restoration of an otherwise very beautiful piece of coastal landscape, said Kafu Kofi Tsikata, Coordinator of NShoreNa.

Source: Clean Ghana Now


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