The powers that be at INEC must have a wicked sense of humour.
They have set up the most controversial and crucial presidential elections in Nigeria?s recent history for the 14th of February 2015.
Without being dramatic, these elections are bound to either make or break my fatherland. Both parties are geared for war. And the stage is set for the grandfather of all battles.
In the red (cap) corner are the supporters of President Jonathan who are threatening to kill everyone from Somolu all the way to Sokoto if their guy doesn?t win the elections.
In the blue (blood) corner are the Buhari well ? wishers who are threatening to destroy the country if their messiah is not voted president because of rigging.
Considering Nigerians are bad losers then we should all prepare for war.
However, only two people can save us. One that his followers are calling Jesus Christ and the other whose followers believe is the Messiah who will lead us out of the wilderness.
Whether we like it or not, one of them will win the elections and the other will lose. We are calling on the winner to be humble in victory. We are especially calling on the loser to call on his people and calm them down. We want him to BEG his supporters on behalf of the whole country not to resort to violence. The survival of the country is more important than the ambition of one person.

*This was published in the Daily Times dated Wednesday, December 24, 2014


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