Open Letter: Newly posted teachers dying of hunger in Ghana


Open Letter To Mother Ghana
His Excellency President Akufo-Addo

Newly Posted Teachers Dying Of Hunger
(Unfair Treatment Of Teachers In Ghana)


Almost everyone we know has been turned around, by a teacher either in high school or college. Teachers are everyday gods, standing at the entry way to the world. They are the law, they are knowledge and they are justice.

Which profession in the World never pass through the hands of teachers (teaching profession)? But how are these professions being treated in our mother Ghana comparing to teaching profession? Which profession has become so vulnerable and being manipulated by politicians, is it not teaching profession? Which profession has become a tool for campaigning by politicians, is it not teaching profession?

Oh! Mother Ghana, why are you being so unfair and bias in caring for your children (profession)? What have your own sons and daughters (teachers) done to deserve this cruel and wickedness?
Will police, nurses, doctors, ministers, lawyers and even president be working for good two (2) years without being paid?

Oh! Mother Ghana, how sad it is for teachers to be at post for continuous two years without being paid. And the most annoying and cruel aspect is that you will be paid only three months’ salary instead of two years’ salary.

Is six solid months now,, Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service posted graduate and trained teachers to the various public schools in Ghana. Some have been posted very far from home and also in a very typical village. Mother Ghana, how do you expect them to survive in this hardship and struggling Economy? How can they pay their utility bills?

If these teachers are nurses, police, doctors, military, etc will they not been paid by now? But these teachers are still at post. Teachers are really sacrificing for you (mother Ghana) but the politicians always lay blame on teachers when there’s an economic or social crisis. And these attacks on teachers have been particularly virulent. They are lazy, mediocre, tenaciously clinging to tenure in order to receive their lavish pay. Are teachers receiving lavish pay in this country?

We are living in a country full of corrupt and incompetent politicians and policy makers who care about their own selfish gain. These politicians are like the darkness of sorrow and the green eye of the monster who consumes your todays and tomorrow’s.
Arise Mother Ghana and get out of these monsters. Show your loyal love to these newly posted teachers too because they are really suffering and hungry. A hungry teacher can pollute the future generation of the country.

Arise! Arise! Arise! Mother Ghana and give what is due to these newly posted teachers because working with an empty stomach for six months is not easy? Let them enjoy their sweat and also contribute to the development of our Mother Ghana with joy of heart but not sighing. They also need to take care of their families and friends.

Your Excellency Mr. President and Father of Mother Ghana, turn your attention to these newly posted teachers because they are really suffering, family members no longer pick their calls, friends took to their heels when they see them and they are dying of hunger.

The free Senior High School, policy can be achieved if you treat teachers well and fairly like all other professions. This country will be more than better Ghana, one village, one dam and one district, one factory if equality prevail in all the professions.

Enoch Cobbinah
Kowie Basic School
Sissala East

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