Not only has science given us electricity, but it has also given us modern transportation systems and amazing telecommunication technologies – not to mention advances in medicine and space exploration among a host of wonders too numerous to enumerate here! But science has a treacherous side—symptomatic of the overall state of affairs on this planet earth.

In an exclusive interview with Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr (Senior pastor, 7th Day Pentecostal Assembly, Esreso, Ksi) , he said weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), bio-warfare, digital pornography and voyeurism are all inventions of science as well!

In a sense, science has become our modern embodiment of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, and our purpose here is to show you how scientists have genetically altered our diets from the natural, healthful foods God created them into something dreadful.

we are not conspiracy theorists crying wolf where there’s no wolf. Neither are we some cave dwelling extremists railing against scientific advancement.

We are ordinary people, God’s children and citizens of the scientific modern world, who are curious to know the new food biotechnology is cooking for us and putting on our tables.

Our curiosity and diligent search has unearthed a mountain of data—damning evidence—which clearly convinces us that we cannot trust biotechnology to be our intrusive ubiquitous cook.

The images attached will undoubtedly convince you of, GM food created in the laboratory and mass produced for mass consumption poses a range of threats not only to our health, but also to the national economy, national food sovereignty, local agriculture and even faith-based food biases.


IMG-20150106-WA0011IMG-20150106-WA0013It opens a Pandora’s box of consumer rights versus the corporate/ national interest goals of some Western governments, farmer rights versus transnational agribusiness’ profiteering agenda, health issues versus population downsizing.

It’s a box of ethical dilemmas and a downright economic survival issue. We shudder to imagine the kind of future a GMO – dominated developing economy like Ghana might be.

It’s a scary future— a future we invite you to have a sneak preview of and see inside of the box! Hopefully, we will be alerted to scrutinize our food purchases more closely and make the right choices in favour of our health.

We know what we are up against—vested interests and mighty forces in business and government—but the force of truth is always mightier in the long run. (Prov. 12:19; 2 Cor. 13:8).

So long as our right to freedom of choice remains intact, we can commit from today to choose naturally produced foods over GMOs, and as the campaign gathers momentum city-wide and even nationwide, hopefully people will be galvanized into a kind of ‘consumer revolt’ in a positive way: A virtual boycott of GMOs in favour of non-GMO local foods.

We certainly cannot stop the forward march of biotechnology, but we can at least stop ourselves from buying its genetically altered varieties, thereby throwing an instant lifeline to local producers.

At the same time, elected representatives (MPs) and policy makers should be prevailed upon, through vigorous advocacy and forums to safeguard local farming from the relentless onslaught of GMOs. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

A strong coalition of community leaders, famers, religious leaders, researchers, legal experts, local activists, industrialists, business people, and media partners is what we need. God bless you all!

Source: Sammy Adjei/

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