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Afghan Security Force

Afghan army could hold territory without support, but ‘difficult’

(dpa) - Afghan security forces (ANDSF) would be capable of holding their current territory against possible Taliban offensives if international forces leave the country,...

Afghan army kills 5 Taliban bomb-making experts

Five Taliban bomb-making experts were killed Thursday after Afghan army personnel raided a militants' hideout in the country's southern province of Helmand, the Defense...

Afghan army defuses 12 improvised bombs

"The engineering teams of Afghan National Army discovered and defused 12 IEDs and landmines in Kunar and Parwan provinces over the last 24 hours,"...
An Afghan National Army soldier holds a Rocket Propelled Grenade at an army checkpoint in Kabul, Afghanistan, March 14, 2015. Some nine militants have been killed in Afghan army operations since early Thursday, said the country's Defense Ministry on Saturday morning. (Xinhua/Ahmad Massoud)(hy)

Afghan Army arrests Taliban leader in a raid

"Afghan National Army's Special Operation Force members carried out a special night raid operation against a Taliban hideout in Khakrez district, capturing a Taliban...

Afghan army halts terror attacks and captured 7 members of the Taliban

"A seven-member group of Taliban had been captured after personnel of NDS carried out a special operation in Nangarhar province recently," NDS, the country's...