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Chinese technology boosts e-agribusiness in Togo

For having passed his certification for agricultural drone pilot in China, a Togolese who is passionate about e-business and drone sees broadened horizons. ...
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Ethiopians embraces Chinese Technology through its first digital assisted national census

The Ethiopian Central Statistics Agency (CSA) has said that preparations have been finalized to undertake Ethiopia's first ever digital technology-assisted national population and housing...
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Kenyan duo use Chinese technology to boost construction business

The two,based in Nakuru, some 120km northwest of Nairobi, are in the business of making low-cost construction materials including ventilations, paving blocks, and hollow...

Cuba grows computerized television transmissions with Chinese innovation

There will be 62 transmitters across the country, including the first 34 erected in 2014, said Justo Moreno, director of RadioCuba, the state-owned agency...