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One District One Factory Plan Is Realistic

Ghana lacks development although it has a total land size of 238,535 kmĀ² measuring approximately 25.9 million hectares. A total of 135,965 km2 (representing...
Photo taken on July 16, 2015 shows 1,000 Cedi notes and a Huawei Mobile phone P7 worthy of 1,000 Cedi in Accra, Ghana, July 16, 2015. Sub-Sahara African currencies have in recent months come under significant pressure. (Xinhua/Lin Xiaowei)

CDH Balanced Fund stands confidently alongside its peers

This would have happen during the next half of the year. According to a recent self-reported data from various fund managers, the CDH Balanced ran...

Nigerian Economic landscape witnessed unprecedented headwinds

The Nigerian Economic landscape has witnessed unprecedented headwinds in recent times. However, the brewery Industry seems to be doing well amidst these economic avalanches. No...