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Nashville mass demonstration in April 1960 led by Diane Nash and John Lewis

Mass Student Movement in the United States Began Six Decades Ago

1960 marked the initiation of the sit-in movement demanding an end to legalized segregation On February 1, 1960, four African American students from North Carolina...
Tulsa massacre of 1921 where white mobs attacked the African American community killing 300 people

Possible Graves Identified of 1921 Tulsa Massacre Victims

African Americans were targeted in a racist campaign of theft, arson and murder For many years the white mob attacks against the African American community...
Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algeria held from July 21-31, 1969 poster for documentary film by William Klein

Looking Back to Move Forward: The First Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algeria, 1969

Five decades ago thousands gathered in Algiers to recommit to revolutionary transformation around the world Fifty years ago this year from July 21-31, 1969 in...
Dr Martin Luther King Jr And Dr Benjamin Spock At Un Demonstration Against Vietnam War April

United States Military Policy and the Impact on Labor: A Historical Review

Decades of spending on wars have decimated the capacity of government and business to address the needs of society Note: This address was delivered at...