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Ec Registration

The EC is Back to Square One but Ghana Should Move Forward

10th August 2020, Accra. In this statement, IMANI will go over the claims and the evidence step by step to kill this pernicious idea...
Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algeria held from July 21-31, 1969 poster for documentary film by William Klein

Looking Back to Move Forward: The First Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algeria, 1969

Five decades ago thousands gathered in Algiers to recommit to revolutionary transformation around the world Fifty years ago this year from July 21-31, 1969 in...
Abayomi Azikiwe

People’s Media: Looking Backward to Move Forward

Note: This paper was prepared and delivered in part to a panel at the Union for Democratic Communications (UDC) national conference which was held...
Benigno Aquino

Philippine leader’s impeachment Moved

Three impeachment complaints against Philippine President Benigno Aquino on Tuesday cleared the first hurdle for approval at the House of Representatives. Two of the complaints...