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FILED - A German doctor prepares a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine for injection on Wednesday. Multiple countries are suspending use of the Covid-19 vaccine from the British/Swedish company out of fears that its use is linked to internal blood clots. Photo: Ronny Hartmann/dpa

How well are vaccines working in Americans? CDC releases new data

tca/dpa/GNA - New research provides “strong evidence” that the two-dose Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines are capable of preventing infections — both those...

AstraZeneca says new data proves vaccine is highly effective

dpa/GNA - The British-Swedish pharmaceuticals company AstraZeneca has provided new data which it says proves that its Covid-19 vaccine is highly effective. The vaccine...
Sustainable Development Goal Sdgs

Gates Foundation Report Spotlights New Data on Global Inequality

....., Calls to Prioritize Those Being Left Behind New Sub-national Data Shows Surprising and Significant Progress, but Huge Gaps Remain, Driven by Gender and Geography ...
A delegate of Ghana (C) applauds during a summit on gender equality and women's empowerment at the United Nations headquarters in New York, Sept. 27, 2015. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday called on world leaders to take actions as well as make commitment to secure gender equality throughout the world. (Xinhua/Li Muzi)

Project To Monitor Global Goals Targets On Gender Launched

The new multi-partner global research project will measure progress for girls and women to ensure governments deliver on their promises for equality by 2030,...