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NASA and SpaceX launch astronauts to ISS, ending reliance on Russia

NASA and SpaceX on Sunday launched four astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) from US soil, ending nine years of reliance on Russia...

Kenya mulls law to promote uptake of LPG to reduce reliance on fossils fuels

Kenya is developing a law to promote the uptake of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in order to reduce dependence on fossils fuels, the energy...

Envisaged gas powered plant to bring power stability to Namibia

Project Manager for the Independent Power Producer firm, Xaris Energy, Tilana de Meillon said this on Monday following the decision by Namibia's High Court...
renewable energy

South Africans advocate for renewables

Under the Renewable Energy Power Producer’s Programme launched in 2011, the contribution of independent power producers (IPPs) to generation is expected to reach approximately...

Tigo Ghana Shoots Down Credibility Of Supposed Maternity Leave Policy For Workers

The Tigo CEO in a rejoinder she signed and copied to News Ghana about a story circulating in the media about the new policy,...

Economic indicators are Africa?s greatest enemies

A Development Planner, has blamed the protracted economic woes facing the African continent on the over reliance of the pursuit of so-called ?favourable? economic...