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13 African countries launch clinical trials to enhance treatment of mild COVID-19 cases

Thirteen African countries on Tuesday announced a collaborative venture with international research networks to implement clinical trials aimed at enhancing treatment of mild COVID-19...
Mummified Maori Heads

Mummified Maori heads welcomed home to New Zealand from Germany

Four mummified Maori heads have been welcomed home to New Zealand’s national museum, after returning to the country from Germany. The Toi moko were...

Researchers recommend scale-up interventions for exclusive breastfeeding

Researchers from the Navrongo Health Research Centre (NHRC), have recommended the replication of promising social and behavioral change strategies for promoting exclusive breastfeeding, which,...
Rice Farm

Ghana developing GMOs for cowpea and rice

Ghana is in the process of developing two Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) varieties for rice and cowpea. Dr. Richard Ampadu-Ameyaw, a Senior Research Scientist at...
Breast Cancer

Australian researchers make breakthrough in fighting aggressive breast cancer

Australian researchers have identified an invasive protein molecule that could cause aggressive breast cancers in a major breakthrough. In a study published...
Cyber Crime

Israeli researchers develop AI method to protect medical devices from cyber threats

Israeli researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) technique to protect medical devices from cyber threats, Ben Gurion University (BGU) in southern...

Chinese researchers develop new method to control fall armyworm

Chinese researchers have developed a more targeted approach to control fall armyworm by using drones to spray a new kind of granular pesticide, according...
mental Illness

Exercises relieve symptoms of mental disorder

Researchers have proved that mind-body exercises can effectively improve the typical clinical symptoms of schizophrenia patients, according to a recent research article published in...

Researchers work to find biological control solution to fall armyworm

The Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s Plant Protection Regulatory Services Directorate (PPRSD) in collaboration with...
Africa Union Commission

Researchers call on heads of Africa to invest in research and innovation

Researchers at a virtual meeting on Funding and Investing in Research and Innovation for Health in Africa, has called on continental leaders to invest...
Wpid Beerwine C

One drink per day is enough, says study

This is not the right time for this study. New government guidelines recommend no more than one drink per day for both men and...
Covid Re Testing

The World At War- The Virus Versus Africa And The Rest Of Humanity

The Influenza pandemic in 1918 could be considered to be the fatal event in human chronicle constituting about (50 million or More deaths, which...
marine life

Lack of oxygen may cause largest mass extinctions of marine life

A significant lack of oxygen may be the cause of the largest mass extinctions of marine life in Earth's history some 252 million years...

Study reveals link between ADHD and sleeping disorder

An international team of researchers have found that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is related to sleeping disorder through brain imaging analysis. ...
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivers a press statement on the European Green Deal at the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Dec. 11, 2019. (Xinhua/Zheng Huansong)

EU launches data sharing platform for researchers to fight against coronavirus

The European Commission together with several partners on Monday launched a European COVID-19 Data Platform to enable the rapid collection and sharing of available...
A researcher works on new medicine product at a bio-pharmaceutical enterprise based in Yantai, eastern China’s Shandong province on Aug. 9, 2017. (Photo by CFP)

Renewable energy developments threaten major biodiverse areas

More than 2,000 renewable energy facilities are built in major environmental areas and threaten the natural habitats of plant and animal species worldwide, according...
Reverend Faith Ami Amewonu

Ghanaian pastor reveals the cure for COVID-19

Controversies surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is getting increasingly flaming but the Founder of Calvary Cross...
A researcher prepares for a test at a national key laboratory of silkworm genome biology in Southwest University, Chongqing municipality, May 31, 2017. (Photo by CFP)

Paper-based device could lead to efficient lab-free infection test

Researchers have developed a new paper-based device that can help doctors identify infection and find the right treatment much faster than conventional lab test...

Researchers breaking temperature barrier in small-scale materials testing

Researchers at the University of Illinois (UI) have demonstrated a new method that can evaluate microscopic aeronautical materials at ultra-high temperatures by combing electron...
A researcher prepares for a test at a national key laboratory of silkworm genome biology in Southwest University, Chongqing municipality, May 31, 2017. (Photo by CFP)

Scientists, researchers to meet in Uganda over global health challenges

Scientists, researchers, academicians and government representatives from across the world are scheduled to gather here to discuss among others measures to combat global health...

Atiwa East Agriculture Department holds Performance Review

The Atiwa East Agriculture Department has held its Annual Performance Review at Anyinam in the Eastern Region to discuss the successes chalked and challenges...

Britain to lure top scientists with new fast-track visa system

A new fast-track visa scheme aimed at attracting the world's top scientists, researchers and mathematicians to post-Brexit Britain was announced Monday. The...

A conversation could be the answer to successful rehabilitation of prisoners

Researchers have found people on the brink of release from a prison sentence have lost any sense of being connected to the outside world...
a lab session led by Dr Goncalo Ramalho E Silva, from The Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, UK

Researchers in Africa demand more funding for science

African researchers on Saturday called on the continent's governments to increase funding for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to spur growth in the region. ...

Researchers declare Teak, Ofram tree produced Honey as safe

Researchers at the Forestry Commission (FC) say honey produced from Teak and Ofram tree hives is of high quality standard and safe to use. They...
Cancer cells under a microscope

Chinese researchers find new remedies to lung cancer

Chinese researchers have developed two new medicines that may prolong the lives of lung cancer patients, the China Daily reported Friday. Researchers from Shanghai Chest...
Logo of KNUST

Industry entreated to use evidence-based experiences

Dr. Peter Amoako-Yirenkyi, Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Consultant, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), has called for industry to forge stronger...

Ministers Agree To Take Urgent Action To End Tuberculosis

Some 75 ministers have agreed to take urgent action to end tuberculosis (TB) by 2030. The announcement came at the end of the "First WHO...

Fast, paper-based tuberculosis test now available

Scientists have developed a fast, paper-based test to diagnose tuberculosis that can be read with a smartphone, a technology that is increasingly available in...

Tanzanian plant researchers develope high-yielding seed varieties

Tanzanian plant researchers at the Morogoro-based Ilonga Agricultural Research Institute (ARI- Ilonga) have developed nine new hybrid seed varieties, which are high-yielding, drought-resistant and...