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Countries urged to protect ‘vital’ global remittances

The governments of Britain and Switzerland are urging countries to work together to ensure that global remittances continue to flow during the coronavirus pandemic. They...

UN supports South Sudan’s efforts to stimulate trade

South Sudan said on Tuesday it will use support from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to build its institutional capacity to stimulate trade with...
fire wood

Biogas project boosts conservation of Mount Kenya ecosystem

The over dependence on Mount Kenya ecosystem for fuel wood that led to its massive degradation may eventually come to an end following the...

Researcher urges Ghana to mobilize resources to address waste challenges

A guest researcher at the UN Development Programme (UNDP) office in Ghana, Heather Troutman, on Thursday urged the government to make strategic plans and...

UN says South Sudan’s high temperature hurts agriculture

Biplove Choudhary, UN Development Programme (UNDP) Senior Program Advisor, revealed in Juba that the change in temperature coupled with deforestation is a major threat...
Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (C) meets with a high-level Chinese business delegation at her Foreign Ministry office in Monrovia, Liberia, Aug. 6, 2015. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Thursday said that the visit of the 16-member business delegation from the People's Republic of China (PRC) provides Liberia with a new, and broader opportunity to go beyond what the two countries have done on the bilateral level.(Xinhua/Elis Zoker)

Who Is President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf?

Sirleaf, born on Oct. 29, 1938 in the capital city of Monrovia, studied economics and public policy at Harvard University from 1969 to 1971,...
Wpid Plastic Waste

Kenyan youth turn waste fabrics into durable doormats

by Robert Manyara For many, fabric left- overs is just a waste to be burnt and this results to the release of harmful carbon dioxide,...
2014 UN Global South-South Development Expo

24 UN System partners brings forth poverty elimination paths

Annual gathering brought together 174 Government bodies, presenting more than 70 homegrown poverty-fighting initiatives at Organization for American States Washington, DC: 25 November 2014 ?...

Economies Need To Invest In Climate Friendly Policies-Report

Economic growth and reducing the risk of climate change are possible at the same time, but economies need to invest in climate-friendly policies in...