Revolution has been defined as a fundamental change in power or organizational structure that takes place in a relatively short time period. Human history is replete with a whole lot of revolution that took place locally and or internationally.

The bottomline in any revolution is that things are better done, though it is also a fact that the beneficiaries of the old, un-productive order will always do everything humanly possible to frustrate the agent of change coming on board with his revolution.

Revolution can be initiated by an individual, group of individuals, organizations and even governments.

It is in this regard that one must see the entrance of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) into the nation’s political advocacy terrain as a revolution because the group is fundamentally different from the old order in concept, ideology and approach to political advocacy.

Nigerians are very familiar with NGO’s coming up as pressure group to criticize the government of the day and its agencies but the TAN example is quite different, they came on board to appreciate a government that they believe is doing very well.

And this they showcased passionately with their incisive, instructive, educative and elucidatory commentaries in the media. TAN took it upon itself to tell Nigerians what President Goodluck Jonathan has done in the last four years.

The TAN’s idea like any historical mighty tree started with a visionary seed planted in the mind of Chief Ifeanyi Uba of the Capital Oil and Gas fame, He caught the vision, run with it and also threw everything into it. He assembled a crack team of individuals who eventually bought into his vision and the group hit the ground running.

TAN shocked the opponents of Dr Jonathan with its systematic presentation of the landmark achievements of the president in the media and before long, the monopoly enjoyed by those who enjoy painting the president and his administration black got broken as Nigerians clearly discovered through the activities of the organization the president has out-performed all his predecessors in their first tenure.

Then, the music of lets see what become of TAN by the avowed enemies of the administration of the day turned to a war song as manner of antics were quickly mobilized to put paid to the activities of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its spokesperson, Chief Lai Mohammed attempted to blackmail the organization out of existence with all manner of lies but the antics were not strong enough to stop a determined TAN.

When TAN a duly registered NGO muted the idea of organizing zonal rallies to galvanize Nigerians into an indivisible entity so that they can beckon on the president to seek a renewal of his mandate, the opponents did not take the group serious until close to two million Ndigbo signed up for the group in Awka rally.

That was a feat too much for the opponents of the president to comprehend, all manner excuses were thrown up to frustrate the group but all to no avail. Nigerians for the first time threw every sentiments aside and passionately plead with the president to seek re-election.

Now the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) borrowing a leaf from the TAN revolution endorsed Dr Jonathan as its 2015 presidential candidate, this did not come as a surprise to many political watchers because the multitude clamoring for the return of the president is overwhelming and since politics is a game of number, it is only wise for the PDP to capitalize on the TAN revolution.

It is also instructive that the hitherto in-active politicians and political groups have suddenly woken up from their slumber and started their own versions of rallies in support of Dr Jonathan, the states governors are equally up with their brands. What one can deduce from all these developments is that the TAN’s revolution has become harbinger of good tidings which all and sundry must emulate.

Even the opponents of Dr Jonathan are not left out of the frenzy to copy the TAN revolution as they have suddenly began a mop up rally trying to pick the crumbs left behind by the group.

Today, it is on record that TAN is the only political advocacy group that has supported the government the day by giving relief materials to the victims of insurgency in some parts of northern states. The group in fulfilling its earlier promise of creating jobs has empowered over one million youths.

These are the areas one expect the copy cats to equally look into rather attempting to undo the landmark achievements of Dr Jonathan with their bundles of lies. Nigeria of today has risen beyond any primordial sentiments, if a man is doing well, like the president is doing, he should and must be encouraged.

Source: from chuks Collins, Awka


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