I bring you greetings and love .today I am not going to make a long sermon or appeal , I want to be concise and i want to be blunt but fair.


Sir,as you can remember i am the same Man who love the state so much that i took the pains to bring to your attention issues that will be of concern to the Government. it was me who first cried that there was no peace or love lost between you and Fmr Gov Peter Obi, but your Media team took umbrage and they called me names as if na fa ekwo agu afu onu [as if they just shaved the beard of a living Lion],but thank goodness that calling me names has never deterred me nor will it do so in future.My own is to help the government stay focussed while the job definition of your media men are to heckle me and spit in all directions.

His Excellency Sir, today i come again to tell you, you know it, i know it ,many of the state elites knows it that the state is in disarrayed ,that the state is retrogressing with such speed that one will be compelled to have the reigns or tenure of MBADI—- in mind .
I am pained that the state Auditor General is yet to advise you on the devastating state of finance in the state ,having in mind that MDG account has been evacuated and all MDG projects are standing still,the INTERNAL GENERATED REVENUE [IGR] account that was moved from FIDELITY to another bank with a strict warning that on no condition shall the AG have an oversight or be privy to the events in that state account ,yet the AG did not find it funny to raise alarm ?.

Back to the issue i am presenting, the thing seems like one week one giant blunder and truth be told is not your entirely fault, after all you never asked for this job,it was giving to you on a platter, even though i did not see or heard you screaming that you do not want it,but that is not the issue presently.

The state resources are fast approaching Red, dwindling and spinning like a roulette ,the media hype is making orchestrated noise that sounds like a broken gong and what makes it childish is the petit slogan ?WILLIE IS WORKING

?the slogan should be?yes ,we want you to work and succeed , if you do well, we the citizens will be proud of you and the state, we will come home and invest any kobo we saved back to the state and partially relocate to the state as a place of abode.But,nke na ewem iwe seriously is that when one ask this achikota ekwe onu Media clowns to show us where the WORK is going on to authenticate the slogan ,they will start spitting as if there is some price in speaking daft.

Sir,with the present situation of the state and her finances ,i will tell you from the bottom of my heart that the only person that can help you and pull us out from the pit is that man they wants you to hate, that man that makes, sorry creates everything first in Anambra state ,that man that came in with FEMININE voice but left with HOARSE Masculine voice ,that man that wrestled the dogfathers of the state to the canvass and submission, the man that took the state from a pariah state to LIGHT OF THE NATION.

He broke the camel?s back and gave us a state of be proud of.
He came in to witness almost empty treasury but left the state with surplus ,stable,quiet and conducive atmosphere.
I develope goose pimples when i heard that Prez Jonathan wanted to make him minister immediately after his tenure,i shouted that it will be a very difficult task and my friend who i was discussing with asked me ,why ? ,i honestly tell him that no Ministry in Nigeria will want to have PETER OBI ,if he put that man in Education,give him 3 years and Nigerian Universities will be competing with OXFORD AND HARVARD.Put him at Agriculture and in 2 years we will be exporting food items to Europe and America,i know him well enough that the first thing he will do is to start his early morning and late night visits to all the billionaires in Nigeria and start lecturing them on how to make more money than Bill gate in Agriculture and i am sure he will bring partners that will match whatever sum the person invested.

When they said he may be going to Aviation ,i laughed and said no way, that Dude would,ve revolutionalised that industry,i am sure he will drag INNOSON from Car manufacturing to start making planes,he will drag Dangote to bring home PLANE FACTORIES to Nigeria and in 3 years ,we will have more helicopters flying Onitsha to Abuja,Warri to Benin,Nnewi to Jos that transporters will be swearing for him.
Any ministry he worked will open the eyes of the nation and he will be hated the more ,because all those people that worked as MINISTERS and who cried there is no money in those sectors will look like prime idiots if peter Obi handle such offices for 2 years,not only will he turn the place around ,he will make that place a booming venture that many will stop worrying about NNPC, the nation maybe planning budgets based on the financial strength of any ministry he is running. So my arguments remains who will like to have that man open up the filth they have hidden for many years ? ,who will like to see him as Minister of works when we all know that he will stop patching our roads but build Nigerians a brand new roads that will criss cross the nation with Fly overs,bridges and best road networks in the entire Africa ,when that happens ,what do we think people will say about those that worked there before him ? ,that brings me to the problem ,none of them wants to be called incompetent.

I pray that this letter will not be more than 2 pages ,i mean my own version of 2 pages.

The Former Governor may be ?stingy ? maybe bad manager of people, but he is a gifted and talented entrepreneur, a worker holic [Please ask the Lady that anchors for CHANNEL TV in the state to give you the VCD/ mock play by his core staff as presented during his REPORT CARD at women development centre,it tells a great tale about him in a capsule] ,he can make an oasis in a desert and he can sale ICE BLOCK to ESKIMOS ,which is a plus and he brought it into Governance, that was what made the difference in a state that has never agreed to be governed ,i believe that, the igbo parlance ?igbo enwe eze? must be fashioned with Anambra state in mind ,because every man is Eze afo juru ,none agrees to what the other person has to say or do ,but that Gentleman that came into the state house with one PEUGEOT CAR as his official Car from his last Job as CHAIRMAN OF FIDELITY BANK and director of more than 5 MEGA companies and Banks.

He came in with acute humility and was able to gain the confidence of the state.
Imagine how he humbly attracted DONOR agencies to the state,how he made those that hated the state, compelled them to start loving it with addictive passion.
imagine a central government in the hands of PDP ,they suddenly started giving grants and favour to the state they hated, just because the state produced the first PRESIDENT of the Nation,the first Speaker of the Senate as in NWAFOR ORIZU,the First Black billionaire who bought the first Rolls Royce and lend to the nation in 1960 ,so that Queen of England will not ride in shame but pride.
The state that produced the first Nigerian to enter ARMY as a recruit ,which is our own GENERAL EMEKA OJUKWU.

He made the state so good that opposition parties loved to be seen around him,but i digress.
Sir,there are over 2,100 reasons why you should be advised against reconciliation ,after all you are the Governor and he is Ex ,but my old man will always say ?onye bu mmadu uzo sibe ite,na akaya enwe mkpomkpo eju?[Experience counts better ].

My old woman will equally tell you ?ikpere ani ,adiro ato ebe egburu ya? [nobody? s knee has ever been glued to a postulated position ].
I will tell you with all sincerity that anybody that advised you against tapping to the enigma must have hated you with a repulse and wanted you to fail even before you start.
Peter Obi may be difficult to follow but following his foot step is never difficult ,studying his character is an epic ,watching his shrewd success is a subject that must be taught in schools ,all in all ,he is a plus and not a minus for any progressive that wanted to move ahead of his peers.

Peter Obi did not empower individuals but he has the kind of die hard followership ,imagine if he had done that or if he do that today ,men will hack off heads for a minor insult ,he is that effective and when one is made that way ,it is best to have him on your side than on the opposite.

Sir ,the solution to the present predicament of the state is to ?bury ego,shame and pride ,just do what a great man will do ,go after your friend ,do not let him go ,that he is in PDP,ANPP,NPN,NPP did not remove the fact that he is your friend ,that he love Anambra state with a passion ,that he has a big stake in the state by bringing you out ,stood by you and people voted for him for his third tenure which he bestowed on you,and ,if i know him ,he has his own pride which is to make sure that his words and promises which he gave to the state, that you will deliver will not be in vain.

If you make peace with that man ,i am sure he will seat you down and help you rid the state one more time of ndi oso chiegbu ,but before you do that ,make sure you have to cut down on your ways of life which is on the expensive side ,for i know that he will not be a party to chattered planes and expensive Hotels.But,to arrest the present quagmire ,you have to give something to gain something.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Sir,on another development ,i plead with you to drag your Media boys by the ear and read into their left ears ,the riot act on Media propaganda ,this boys tell stupid and childish lies which is very easy to eviscerate ,such as 4 days ago ,they announced that GOV WILLIE paid the 8 years arrears owed to ANAMBRA WATER CORPORATION .
I took it on face value ,until i read from social media that it was a court order ,so i did my own research and discovered that ..

[1] The 2 Billion in question paid to WATER WORKS was as a result of Court Judgement and that the court issued a A GARNISH judgment ,which means that the plaintiff will grab whatever that will make up for the money owed,and
[2]They laid their hands on our own ECOLOGICAL fund as saved by your predecessor ,which is 2 billion naira,they garnished it to the later.

[3] When this buy 1 get 3 social media boys that base everything on ?ANYI BU NDI AGULERI? ,when they reduced this to a victory to your Government ,which is paying 8 years salaries to moribund institution that stopped working during the days of GOV MBADIBUNU,they set the stage for those that are currently been owed in the state to start agitating that they must be paid too.
[4]The Water reservoir of that moribund outfit has been repainted to PDP COLOR,it is located at the Hill top around Aroma Junction ,just as you finished paying the moribund off as your media clowns wants us to believe.

They should,ve make it look like the Government were compelled to pay the money even when it is not suitable to the young Government.
Now the most annoying part which Sir,you have to look into is how this money were shared ,some get close to 50 million .while some get about 50,000 and some get nothing ,what was the criteria they used in disbursing the fund ? i smell fraud some how along that line ,but i may be wrong ,it is only you that has the powers to look into it and address the gray areas.
I will mention once again the menace of NIGERIAN POLICE in ANAMBRA state ,they are not after the security of the state but how best to humiliate our Car owners that came home from other parts of the nation.If you see how they harass Igbo Car owners ,especially at Onitsha ,akwa aguba gi .Sir ,use your good office and talk to the IG and the PRESIDENT ,because we cannot be subjected to second class policing as if we are second class Nigerians,let them use same police parameter as obtained in other states,it is not our fault that our state can be able to move around with some Tokunbo Cars to help our lives.

Finally may i brought to your notice again the blunders that will cut a huge hole in your government ,the issue of those plotting the removal of DR NKEM OKEKE ,the Deputy Governor just because he is an ANGLICAN ,people might start putting what happened at Nkwelle Ezunaka and this one into balance and the conclusion may not be a credit .

Sir.the worst war that rages like wild flame is RELIGIOUS ONE AND the worst among them is that between ANGLICAN AND ROMAN CATHOLIC and removing Nkem Okeke based on his faith to ANGLICAN COMMUNION is a blunder no one can condone even the catholics.
Faithfully yours in the service of TUESDAY

Mazi Odera

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