A New Auditorium is What Ghana Needs Now

The Ghanaian entertainment industry can only boast of two standard venues for concerts, even with that, it's only one that was purposefully meant for entertainment and the other was designed for conferences.


The National theater of Ghana and the Accra International Conference Center have over the years been the only auditoriums event organizers have thought of because truth being told these are the only large venues Ghana as a state has. When one is closed down for maintenance, there is heavy pressure on the other and vice versa.

Booking these venues for an event is another issue, they come at a very high cost and the facilities in them are also nothing to write home about. It’s either the air conditioners are not working or the intervals between the seats are not enough so usually the audience are uncomfortable during events, now where is the value for the monies the audience paid? Should we blame event organizers, management of theses venues, the government or investors? all these questions remain unanswered.

Another thing that these centers lack is P.A systems and proper lighting for concerts, often time event organizers have to go through the stress of renting light and sound after they have spent huge sums of money in renting these venues. Another thing that bothers a lot people is that all these venues are situated in Accra, so it come as a disadvantage to those outside the capital city.

The Accra International Conference Centre and National Theater of Ghana build in 1991 and 1992 respectively have out served their purpose in terms of capacity. Ghana’s population twenty five year ago cant be compared to that of today’s hence the need for an intervention from entertainment stakeholders.

This issue which is of great importance has not been given the needed attention both by investors and the state. Why has it not crossed the minds of these people to tap into this business venture? Does it mean entertainment does not matter to us a country? and what are we doing as individuals concerning this issue? Are we waiting for these centers to totally break down before we think of building another one? If that is the case then I think it’s quite unfortunate.

There is a need for the government or a private investigator to see the business opportunity in building a state of the art auditorium dedicated to concerts. If this is done and properly managed it will go a long way to boast the country’s economy.

Source: Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey

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