A Trip to the Peaceful Destination of Mekadatu


Mekadatu is an extremely popular picnic spot, and it is more popularly known as Goat’s Leap. This place is situated 90 kilometers from Bengaluru. This is the place where River Kaveri, after confluence with River Kollidam at the Sangama, narrows down and runs into a deep gorge. This gorge is made up of granite rocks and is only 10 meters in width.

History of the place

It has been heard from the local people of this place that a herdsman jumped one gorge to the other to save the life of a goat being chased by a tiger. It is also said that the tiger did not continue chasing the goat, as it got frightened and eloped. Since this incident, the locals here have named this place as Goat’s Leap.

There is a mythology hidden behind this story.

It is believed that the goat that leaped across the River Kaveri was Lord Shiva, in disguise of a goat. It is a common faith among the people, the strange holes, on both sides of the gorge, is the foot mark of the divine goat. It has also been heard that the only reason the foot mark was made because it was Lord Shiva himself.


You could travel by road, by train or by taking a flight. You can easily book online bus ticket or buy bus tickets from the travel agent. The Bengaluru International Airport is also quite close by and from here you can take a bus to Mekadatu, or heir a bus, if you are travelling in a big group.

You can easily board a train to this tourist destination if you are travelling within India, as the railway station in the vicinity.

Once you reach the station, you will need to take a bus to Mekadatu. There are bus tickets booking online services easily available, so that you can make plan your travel arrangements well.

It is always recommended that bus ticket reservation is done beforehand, as it will save you from last minute letdowns.

The best time for travelling to Mekadatu

The best time to visit Mekadatu is from the month of October to March. During this time of they year, weather is perfect for a picnic, the cool breeze, the green vegetation and the beautiful breath taking view of the hills, will calm you down. You’ll feel rejuvenating and stress free. One of the moments that you will enjoy the most is when the fresh wind brush against your face and passing through your hair. You’ll feel the coolness in your eyes while admiring the lush green surroundings.

Food and other necessary things to pack

It is always better to carry some food with you, but even if you are not carrying any food there is nothing to worry. There are a number of restaurants around this place, where you can easily order a cuisine of your choice.

Always remember to carry your toiletries with you, along with an extra pair of clothing. Camera is a must carry thing. Once you are here, you would want to take pictures and capture those beautiful sceneries around you. It is also better to carry some cash on hand, not only for food, but also to buy you some sovereigns. There are a lot of hawkers around the place, where you can bargain and have a wonderful shopping experience. 

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