African Real Estate Awards Launched


Roland Igbinoba, Director, Arehf Academy

African Real Estate & Housing Finance Academy (AREHF) has officially launched its maiden housing awards in Accra.

The awards ceremony, which will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from March 29-30, 2012 this year, will provide a great networking platform for all the real estate establishments within Africa.

Some key players in the industry, who have done exceptionally well, will be awarded.

Roland Igbinoba Director AREHF, addressing the media, said “the academy founded the awards ceremony to appreciate those who have put in reasonable and measureable efforts in boosting the real estate and housing finance market in the African region.”

He said “nominations for the award will be on contribution to innovation and creativity that translates to economic development and wealth creation, environmental sustainability and demonstrable public good.”

He explained that the objective for AREHF Academy is to grow the real estate and housing finance sector in the region.

“With 12 distinctive award categories, we want to discover and celebrate real estate and housing finance players in the region,” he added.

Mr. Igbinoba stated that the awards event is designed to appreciate those who have put in commendable efforts in growing the real estate and housing finance market in the African region.

“With these awards, we want to expose the world to the massive potential of this sub-sector in Africa.”

He expressed that hope that the awards will serve as a motivation and stimulant to other organisations in the region and beyond to commit to the development and the industry.

 By Esther Awuah

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