Agbogbloshie market not observing COVID-19 Protocols

Some Traders At The Agbogbloshie Market In Accra
Some Traders At The Agbogbloshie Market In Accra

On the last day in April, I went to the Agbogbloshie market to buy foodstuffs to the house. Upon arrival, I was reminded that we are in COVID-19 season as six out of ten traders in the market wore nose masks.

Even with that, I noticed some of them have either totally or partially removed it, when talking.

Most stalls did not have veronica buckets, soaps and water to be used for hand washing. Some of the traders had sanitizers to keep the hands pathogen-free. Walking through the market, I observed there was no social distancing in most venues in the market.

The usual “agoo,agoo,agoo” sound was heard in most avenues within. The yam market was the worst scenario as truck pushers had taken over the slender route within loading yams to the brim of their truck. People were still stuck in ‘”human traffic”. The “kayayei” were also vibrant in their business.

If just one trader has the virus, the damage it will cost will be very dangerous.

It is as if Ghana had already dealt mercilessly with COVID-19. The city authorities should strictly enforce the protocols as they did during the lockdown.

By Joseph Mensah.

Resident of New Bortianor.

A student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

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