Another Kenyan Stolen Election

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta

That the fix was in was confirmed when the Godfather himself, son of a?Kenyan, Barack Obama, called Uhuru Kenyatta, indicted for ?Crimes
Against Humanity? by those minions of Pax Americana, the International?Criminal Court, to congratulate him for successfully conducting?another Kenyan stolen election.

As in every election held in Kenya since Independence over half a
century ago the ruling ?la familia? stole the election ?free, fair and
square?. ?La Familia? in Kenya means the same extended family of
ethnic minority Kikuyu?s ruling Kenya from ?Kenya?s Founder? Jomo
Kenyatta to his son, Pax Americana?s man of the hour Uhuru Kenyatta,?the head of ?la Familia? that today owns upwards of 1 million hectares?of Kenya?s prime land.

The USA and its western vassals have been running into stormy weather
in the Horn of Africa with a shaky Ethiopia, Uganda starting to crack
under the strain and the counter insurgency being waged by the AU in
Somalia swallowing some 25,000 ?peacekeepers? and counting.

Kenya has well over a division of its best troops waging war on the
Somali people in southern Somali and increasingly against Kenyan
Somalis. There could be no talk of withdrawal of these troops because
of ethnic violence over the latest electoral fraud, and this the army
made clear to the ?opposition? headed by Raila Odinga who wept for all
the world to see when he cried foul, once again, after the results
were announced.

Kenya?s stability could not be trifled with over a mere election.

Of course everything was done on the up and up. The Electoral council
overseeing the election were hand picked by ?la familia? along with
every member of the Kenya high courts and all of Kenya?s General
Officers in the Army. So everything went according to plan, pretty
much, and another vassal of Pax Americana was duly anointed
?President? of another African fiefdom.

Africa remains overwhelmingly a tribal society and Kenya is
particularly so. Tribalism is blamed for the regular outbreaks of mass
murder that takes place between Kenyan ethnic groups. Yet Kenya?s
tribes somehow overcome such powerful strictures and instead regularly
cast their ballots for the ethnic minority Kikuyu tribe?

There are those in the western media who will tell you that Kenya is
doing quite well with a growing economy and life is getting better for
Kenya?s people.

Don’t believe them? Maybe one only needs to see what life is like for
millions in the capital Nairobi?s disease and crime infested slums. Or
the untold thousands who starve to death in Kenya every year, maybe
tens of thousands amongst the victims of the Great Horn of Africa
Drought that ravaged northern Kenya a year or two ago.

Since I last wrote about Kenya ?la Familia? has outlawed the
Independence Movement in Mombassa, driving popular leaders deep, deep
underground or on the run in Tanzania one step ahead of Kenyan death
squads. All this will succeed in doing in the long run is force
Mombassa?s youth into the arms of the hard core ?jihadists? who have
been pointing out the inevitability of the armed struggle for national
liberation, Islamic in this case.

Oppression breeds resistance, its a law of nature. The more Kenya?s
?la Familia? oppress the people of Mombassa the hotter burns the fires
of resistance. Such fires maybe tamped down for the time being but
inevitably they will burst out anew with the only answer known to ?la
Familia? is more of the iron fist, a truly grim future to contemplate.

Kenya ?is another Africa slave of the IMF, some how managing to stay
one step out of bankruptcy thanks to yet another IMF ?emergency loan?.
Today the Kenyan government includes some 50 ministers who manage to
consume half the governments budget while millions suffer from
malnutrition, polluted drinking water and no health care.

While food prices continue to climb the IMF continues to demand food
price subsidies by the government be slashed. International Misery
Fund is what it should be called and Kenyans are just one of many
African people suffering under IMF bondage.

But never fear, ?Democracy Has Triumphed in Kenya?, this is all the
peoples choice. Or isn’t it?

Source: Thomas C. Mountain

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