The Anyamam Community School building in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region is in dire need of renovation and expansion as it has become a death trap.

The school, which roof was ripped off during a rain storm in 2017, is replaced with palm fronds so pupils are compelled to abandon classes for safety elsewhere when it rains.

The Ghana News Agency observed that the students had put wood planks over stacked cement blocks and used as desks.

Some puplis sat on the bare floor, others on a block while others bent over to write on the improvised desks.

Parents had expressed worry at the situation at a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting were they revealed that due to the lack of space, between 60 to 80 pupils were forced to learn in one class.

Mr Philip Sai, Assembly Member for Anyamam electoral area, called for an immediate intervention from the Assembly, organizations and individuals to save the situation saying, the conditions at the school were negatively affecting teaching and learning.

“We have 60, 80 and even in some cases, 90 students in a class especially the JHS, which is a threat to education and so I will together with the elders and community members start the expansion as soon as possible, ” he said.

Nene Raymond Abayateye II, Chief Fisherman of Anyamam and Chairman for the Greater Accra Regional Canoe Fishermen Association, said his outfit was considering using part of the 53 per cent of income generated from the premix fuel to renovate the school and also build toilet facilities for the sub-communities along the coast.

“Every project you see in our community here is done by ourselves before the government sometimes comes in and so we are up to it again,” he said



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