Break the chains of oppression

Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa because of its population and oil wealth. Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world and 100 poorest nations in filament of the earth. Since independence, Nigerians have not existed as one Nation but a scattered nation bide together for a common purpose. Because of their institutional arrangement, it has been difficult for Nigeria to put in place any plan for economic development. Different countries are established within the country operating like mafia states. As Nigeria search for the political messiah to save her from tribal nationalism. Disagreement and corruption saw the first military intervention. A long drawn out war was fought for three year. The policy of no victor no vanquish was implemented to rain in peace in 1970.
Break the chains of oppression
Break the chains of oppression

From 1970-1976 Nigerian Economy was the fourth largest economy in the world behind Japan. In 1996 General Obasanjo came into power and set up the third development plan under the Adabayo committee. Immediately, Nigerian Economy disappeared, Obasanjo went to IMF to borrow the first international loan which disappeared into capital flight and Austerity measure was introduced under the umbrella of Operation feed the nation.

To cover his tracks, Obasanjo chose an illiterate man and hand over power and was blamed for Obasanjo economic failures.

Obsanjo first act in power was to sack all Igbos from their job as a means of achieving the policy of wiping out the Jew (Igbos) in 150years; thinkered by Obafemi Awolowo. The only job left for the Igbo to do is bury their own dead

In order to perpetuate this Oduduwa apartheid the? Lagos state governor enacted a law forbidden Jews (Igbos) from owning property what should be a federal government property has been turned into Oduduwa capital where Igbo are not allowed to own property in their own country.? Instead of creating jobs for these unemployed 16-25year old of Igbo origin are locked up by the time they came out they have turned into economic vegetables.

In his second missionary journey to lead Nigeria, he was determined to turn himself into a life president. He was prepared to go to any length to achieve his political ambition even it means bring back the old Oduduwa tradition of Human Sacrifice; as a result Jewish (Igbo) boy was brought to London and used for ritual so that he (Obasanjo) can have the opportunity to rule the country as long as he lives. Any voice of decent was met with brutal force; kidnapping, torture and murder.? Apo six are some of his victims.

As a man of unsound mind, he was determined to accomplish that policy of total wipe out of the Jews (Igbos) as stipulated by Awolowo. A year into his civilian administration he gave the Northern Nigeria the permission to turn a circular state, into an Islamic state. This gave birth to Boko Haram which is responsible for the current genocide going on in Nigeria. As this genocide was going on, the? Nigerian media dominated by the Yorubas stoke the silence of lunacy only when it is reported abroad they will massaged the figure and tell us it is only one person injured not killed.

To stop the world having a glimpse into this inhumanity going on in Nigeria, the Nigerian elite mainly from the South West? organised what they called ?Occupy Nigeria,? since they are the only people who can speak and the world hears them.

They were going about campaigning against any reform that will end criminal activity within Nigeria oil economy. Mobilising people around the world to match in favour of occupy Nigeria as a cover up and none of them came out to match against the genocide going on in the country. Their response to the crisis is that Igbos should leave back to the East. As a means of forcing GEJ govt out of power if he dear tries to reform the criminal culture embedded in Nigerian Economic system.

If he (GEJ) survives, his govt would? be weakened and he would abandoned the idea of reforming the economy and concentrate on fighting Islamic terrorist that Obasanjo created; thereby losing focus on reform.

The question now is, ?what is the way forward for Nigeria?? How can Nigeria Join other emerging economies into the road of development? This question has been answered in the book titled, ?The Political constraints on Nigerian Economic Development Since the Independence?. There are three word to describe this book: Evolution, Revolution and Revelation of the current state of affairs in Nigeria and how Nigeria can overcome this turbulent time and emerge stronger as a nation.?



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