The Progressive People’s Party have extended an open invitation to the embattled National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party Mr. Paul Afoko to join them if the NPP does not have any need of his service and wisdom.

Embattled NPP Chairman Paul Afoko
Embattled NPP Chairman Paul Afoko

The invite follows the heels of the recent indefinite suspension of Mr. Afoko by the party’s National Executive Council, a move he (Paul Afoko) has described as illegal and unfounded.

Below is the invitation letter sent to Paul Afoko by the PPP

Dear Mr. Paul Afoko,

Open Letter to Chairman Paul Afoko – COME AND JOIN PPP

We, the Youth of Progressive People’s Party wish to extend an invitation to you to consider joining the PPP as a viable force capable of winning the 2016 elections and forming government in Ghana. Change is needed so that we can work to alleviate Ghanaians from the “incompetence” of PresidentJohn DramaniMahama and his NDC administration.

Your suspension by the National Executive Committee is a clear indication that you cannot use your considerable influence in Ghana to help defeat the NDC in 2016.

The PPP is therefore calling on your good self and several others who are disgruntled within the NPP and NDC to come on board with a common purpose; to create an inclusive, United Ghanaian society and implement an Agenda for Change that will transform our country.

Below are some reasons which we believe you can consider and make a positive decision that will affect the lives of many generations to come.

1. PPP is a disciplined party that is working continuously to solve its internal problems.

2. PPP has credible and Incorruptible leaders. We know you stood against corruption in the NPP.

3. PPP has a competent flag bearer, who has the people of Ghana at heart and has what it takes to manage the economy better.

4. PPP would not act like the NDC who have disappointed Ghanaians and have left the economy in shambles.

5. PPP is not a “lip-service” party; we would deliver on every promise made. Our promises as found in our 10 point agenda a very few and achievable.

The PPP believes that True progress cannot be obtained without a unified Ghana. Knowing that Development is an “all inclusive affair” we shall continue to advocate for an all inclusive government – a government where the best people, regardless of political affiliation would be appointed to manage the affairs of our nation.

With this being stated when forces are joined to win the elections come December 2016, appropriate appointments would be made. People like Nana AkuffoAddo and Dr. Bawumia would definitely not be forgotten here as appointments due them would be considered.

PPP continues to offer Ghanaians a government based on principles of self determination, social justice and national unity. Our reformist agenda seeks to continuously call for reforms until state institutions become the best we can ever have.

PPP: Awake

Ghanaman! Yen hw3 ma ons3

source- Divine Nkrumah


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