A former Paramount Chief of the Gomoa-Ajumako Traditional Area, Okutupong Apata Kofi the Fourth, has added his voice to calls on farmers, palm wine tappers, hunters and smokers, to be extra careful when handling fire, to avoid outbreaks.wpid-Set2Bon2Bfire.jpg

He said the current dry season has become severe, and any least mistake committed in fire handling, can cause disaster to communities.

The former Omanhene gave the advice when he addressed Food Crop Producers at Gomoa Darhom in the Central Region.

He drew attention to them to the continued intensification of the severe harmattan weather which needed attention and care when handling fire.

According to the ex-Omanhene the current severe dry season the country was experiencing should sound a serious warning to all fire users, particularly those in the rural areas.

He advised farmers in the forest zones, to build fire belts around their cocoa, food and other cash crop farms, to protect them against bush fires.

He appealed to religious leaders, chiefs and other stakeholders in the countryside, to assist in educating the public on the dangers of bush fires, and their effects on the national economy.

Okutupong Apata Kofi urged church leaders to use their pulpits to sensitize their followers on the adverse effects of fire outbreaks and the need to avoid them.



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