Daisy Lowe and Thomas Cohen Go Their Separate ways

Daisy Lowe and Thomas Cohen have reportedly split up after just a few months of dating.

Daisy Lowe and Thomas Cohen
Daisy Lowe and Thomas Cohen

The 27-year-old model had only been dating musician Thomas, 25, – the widower of her late best friend Peaches Geldof – since the beginning of the year but the romance has already “fizzled out”.

Daisy Lowe and Thomas Cohen
Daisy Lowe and Thomas Cohen
A source told the Daily Mirror: “This is a relationship that could have a chance in the future.

“It’s fizzled out at the moment because Daisy has lots of modelling jobs and Thom has got the kids and is planning more solo gigs.

“They are both busy, but they get on really well and are still close friends. A relationship just wasn’t working out for them at the moment.”

However, friends have not ruled out the possibility of Daisy and Thomas – who has sons Astala, three, and Phaedra, two – rekindling their romance in the future.

The insider added: “Daisy and Thomas really made each other happy, so their friends are hoping they’ll stay in touch and then who knows what could happen in the future between them?”

Meanwhile Daisy – whose mother is Pearl Lowe, stepdad is Supergrass Danny Goffey and father is Gavin Rossdale – recently admitted she is not “ready” to start a family.

She explained: “I’m a traditional girl. One day. I’m not ready for it any time soon, but yeah, course. My whole family would only want that. They want to see me get married and they want to have grandchildren.

“Make sure we get the ‘one day’ in because I am having visions of people thinking I’ve decided I want children now. I’m not ready for that, I want to have lots of fun first.”

Source: BANG Showbiz


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