Diet Villain explains how to recover your lost butt while trying to lose weight


“The butt is a localized deposit of fat in the human body and when a person gains weight, it accumulates fat in it. The same thing happens in the weight loss process, but there is a solution for everything”, declares specialist Hamilton Couto.

The year 2023 has already begun and with it the promises to take care of the mind, organize life and, above all, to remain strong in physical activities in search of a good quality of life. Some people seriously invest in their diet and dedicate themselves to losing weight. After all, the month of January is synonymous of a new year and new goals, the summer is not now far, and the sun will be knocking on the doors and the desire to keep your body up to date in a bikini is almost a mission.

 However, when focusing on diet and achieving weight loss, many women also complain of losing their butt. This, by the way, is one of the biggest fears mentioned during the weight loss process. So, is the butt the villain of the diet or not? The Doctor. Hamilton Couto, specializing in body harmonization, has the answers to these questions and explains about the procedure that can recover the butt and change this situation.

 According to him, the buttocks are a localized deposit of fat in the human body. That is, when a person gains weight, it automatically accumulates fat in the buttocks. This also happens with the flanks, thighs, abdomen, and arms. These are places where the dreaded localized fat deposits. “When a person loses weight, the volume of these regions decreases and there is a reduction in measures secondary to fat loss in these places”, explains the doctor.

During the weight loss process, losing the size of the arms, abdomen and thighs is usually very interesting for women, as it is one of their biggest goals.” What nobody wants is to reduce the measures of the butt, right?! But in this case, it’s unavoidable,” says Hamilton. To remedy this “problem”, there is gluteal remodelling. “With it, we can restore the volume that is lost in the buttocks after weight loss. However, with much more quality, as we apply the filler intramuscularly with the projection of the muscle itself backwards, upwards and to the sides”, says the doctor. 

Dr Hamilton Couto

In this way, the gluteal region regains a satisfactory volume and with more firmness and quality, without the sagging and natural appearance of fat. This makes women’s self-esteem higher, and they feel much more comfortable and confident with their bodies. It is worth remembering that, in addition to Hamilton performing such procedures on his patients, he also teaches classes for professionals in the area. He will even hold a new event on his gluteal remodelling technique at the ‘Brazilian Butt in Boston’ course at Harvard.

The congress will be entirely focused on subjects related to the butt, where Hamilton Couto will talk about the techniques he uses in his clinic, such as: volumization techniques, emptying, bio stimulation, management of complications, types of fillers and more.

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