The Controller and Accountant General (CAGD) has been advised to retain the public sector payroll software ?Akatua?, despite the challenges it may be posing in the fight against ghost names.

A former Minister of Finance Dr Kwabena Duffuor feels scouring for a new software firm to develop a fresh payroll system is not the way to go, but dialogue with developers SOFTribe will iron out outstanding issues.

The CAGD has faulted SOFTribe?s ?Akatua? software for revelations by IMANI Ghana of supposed rot in the public payroll system. IMANI Ghana had accused the department of supervising a bloated public payroll system.

The principal government accountant Grace Francisca Adzroe has threatened to sue the software outfit for publishing confidential letters covering its contract with the government to set the records straight. However, SOFTribe said it resorted to making the documents public to clear the air and not to spite the Ghana government.

Dr Duffuor, an ex-governor of the Bank of Ghana, said SOFTribe is a reputable company that has the credentials to resolve the issue since they have a track record in helping clean up the pension roster.

?When we brought in the software to clean the pension payroll, the number of pensioners on the list was over 100 and after the initial work the number dropped to 66 or so and we called the SOFTribe to do the pension payroll and within a short period they removed all the arrears,? Dr Duffuor recalled in an interview with private station Citi FM.

?So it is a product that I believe can work and if something has gone wrong between them [SOFTribe] and Controller they should solve it.?

Source: starrfmonline


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