It appears the wind of revolution blowing across the country is not limited to the world of politics only, but also religious circles.

Worshippers at the Akomadan branch of the Roman Catholic Church were last Sunday thrown into a state ofbbewilderment, when the ?evil man?, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, visited the church with his army of followers to worship with them.

His reason, amazingly, was to thank God Almighty for bringing him home safely, after undergoing almost six hours of plastic surgery in far away New York, in the United States.

It was also to preach peace and encourage people in his homeland, Akomadan, and across the country, to pray for peace ahead of the Supreme Court final verdict on Thursday.

If Kwaku Bonsam?s appearance in the Church was not enough to surprise the worshipers, the mounting of the pulpit, which was granted him by the church, and the dexterity at which he preached the gospel, left many in awe.

After taking the microphone from the Officiating Priest, Rev. Father Joseph Akumoah Boateng, the fetish priest made a series of quotations from the Bible, and asked the worshippers to join him in thanking God for his mercies towards him, and to Ghana as a country.

The occasion also marked the first mass service of the newly-ordained Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Joseph Akuamoah Boateng, who was a former classmate of Nana Kwaku Bonsam.

The fetish priest of the ?Kofi Kofi? shrine said he wanted to disabuse the minds of many who believe that fetish priests are evil worshippers, and do not believe in the Almighty God.

Source-The Chronicle



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