In the modern footballing world, players can travel far-and-wide in search of employment and in particular, those from Africa and South America tend to wander the farthest.

This globe-trotting can be glamorous and we imagine footballers to all be multi-millionaires living jet-set lifestyles.

But, for many it is a far cry from this image and this culture of travelling far in search of a better life throws up some interesting tales.

One country that seemingly supplies a never-ending conveyor belt of footballing talent to the world game is Ghana.

Wherever you look around the globe there are Ghanaian players honing their skills and recently I spoke to one of them ? David Asare, a 19-year-old attacking-midfielder currently plying his trade in the Faroe Islands? top-flight.

Travelling via a brief stint in Denmark, Asare has reached the tiny island nation in search of first-team football in Europe.

It is from this humble starting point that the attacking midfielder hopes to launch a career that will take him to the top of the world game.

?I started with my youth club Adenta FC and then moved to Adumase in the Ghanaian second division,? the young attacking midfielder tells me, in a polite unassuming manner.

?I was 18 and spotted by a representative of an agent from Denmark. He recommended I go there, so I ended up in the youth team of AaB.?

?I went to Denmark in August 2010, after the end of the season in Ghana, and I was only there for nine months before I came here [to the Faroe Islands]. An offer came to join FC Suduroy and I took it. I was with the Under-19 side in Denmark and Suduroy offered me the chance of first-team football. My agent sorted it and here I am.?

And so, the lively attacking midfielder came to arrive in the wind-swept North Atlantic island cluster. A far cry from the environment of his home city of Accra.

It would be an intimidating environment for anyone to arrive alone at such an early age, but Asare believes that it was an easy decision to make in order to continue his football career.

?I had no feelings towards the Faroe Islands when I arrived, because I just came here to play football and show my talents. I didn?t even consider what the place was like, I only care for football. My first season here went very well. I played 25 out of the 27 games and scored 20 goals so it was a great period for me and the team.?

?I am not fluent in the language yet. I can understand a bit and I can speak a few words, but I am not fluent at all. My team-mates speak English, so we can easily communicate. They have been very supportive of me on and off the pitch.?

It is not only his team-mates that have taken David to their hearts though and the player has quickly become part of the community in small-town Vagur. In fact, one family in particular have taken the Ghanaian into their lives.

?I am the only Ghanaian here. Last year there was another in the islands, but he has gone now. I live by myself, but I would say I have a nice family here. They see me and treat me as one of their sons, so even though I am far away from home, I have a home.

?I spend most of my time with the family here. They take great care of me, as if I am their child. They live about five minutes drive from me and after practice I will either walk to their place or they will pick me up in their car and we will have dinner together, or lunch, together.?

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