Ghanaian Artists Must Stay Focus-Yaw Dompe


One of the fastest rising acts in our industry now who is well known on the streets of Accra as Yaw Dompe has vehemently stated that artists in this country should stay focus and take pride in our music genre ‘HIPLIFE’.
The rapper who is known for songs like Baafira, Baby You, and current street banger ‘Kaabu Me Akwadaa’ stated in an interview over the weekend that most of our acts today especially the established ones have lost interest in doing our home land music and selling what is truly ours which is ‘HIPLIFE AND HIGHLIFE MUSIC’. He said this is what some great music legends and industrial players worked so hard for, a legacy they have left for us and the coming generations which we really need to take pride in and market it to the world.


According to him he is not saying one should not do any other kind of genre but we shouldn’t make things look as if we can’t make the world accept these two genres.

‘Some acts in the country feel if you don’t do hip pop or dancehall you can’t get international but let me ask you, can any artist in this country do hip pop or dancehall better than the Jay Z’s and the Bennie Man or the Shaggy’s and the Lil Wayn’s, that’s a big NO. We are lucky as a country we have music genre, some African countries don’t have that. Hiplife is getting on iTunes and is doing well so we should help as country men to make it a celebrated genre in the music world’ he revealed.

He also continued that putting Ghana on the map as we hear some artist claim is not about receiving international awards, doing dancehall, hip pop or Afro pop, it is about doing what you can proudly call your own and make the world accept it. He said we should always remember dancehall, hip pop is not Ghanaian, hi life and hip life is so we should in our creativity keep it alive and make it strong in the world market.
He urged all music lovers to expect good songs and music videos from him come 2015.

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