Halting Prostitution And Trafficking, Government Responsibility


In today’s materialistic world where pleasures are in good order, majority of females due to certain circumstances fall into prostitution and trafficking without their intention and so those into it is it their will?
Around the world today, there is human rights crisis of sexual abuse of millions of women, children and thousands of men in prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation.There regions of the world where prostitution has gone from being almost non-existence to hundred million dollar moneymaking industry.

I am going to talk about prostitution and sex trafficking.I do not believe you can talk about one without the other.They are inextricably linked.Those who favor legalized prostitution have led a 15year campaign to De-link them to convince us that trafficking has nothing absolutely nothing to do with prostitution and trafficking, most of the global attention has focused on trafficking.I deem it a great honor that the conference organizers in Ghana have had the pluck to address prostitution.Still, we should be clear that we have to talk about both prostitution and trafficking together.

Sex trafficking is the process that delivers victims into prostitution.It includes the recruitment, harboring, movement and methodical methods by which victims are compelled to stay in prostitution, whether by boisterous, coercion, threat, debt or cultural manipulation
Prostitution and sex trafficking are based on a balanced between the supply of available victims and the demand for victims to provide the sex acts. victims are recruited from marginalized, poor, and vulnerable populations.Theses potential victims may be from the same city or country as the exploiters, or they may be trafficked from other countries or continents.They may be women and girls who are poor, uneducated and naive and therefore easy to control or they may be educated, middle-class girls who have been sexually abused until their bodily integrity and identities are destroyed and they no longer know how to resist abuse and exploitation.
Prostitution and trafficking begin with the demand for victims to be used in prostitution.It begins when men go in search of sex that can be purchased.In countries where prostitution is illegal, it begins when pimps places orders with their criminal networks for women and children.

However, instead of legalization, there is another solution to the problem of prostitution and sex trafficking, confronting the demand for prostitution.Instead of warning women against recruiters, stop the recruiters.Instead of accommodating the demand, stop it. a thorough delve also pinpoint that there are four component that make up the demand;The men who buy commercial sex acts, the exploiters who make up the sex industry, the state that are destination countries and analyze the culture that tolerates or promote sexual exploitation.

On the other hand,the men, the buyers of commercial sex are the ultimate consumers of trafficked and prostituted women and children.They use them for entertainment, sexual gratification and acts of violence.It is men who create the demand and women and children who are the supply.Typically, when prostitution and sex trafficking are discussed, the focus is on the women.The men who purchase the sex acts are faceless and nameless.We need to shine our more light on these men, their behavior and their choice and decision making to purchase sex act.

Research on men who purchase sex acts has found that many of the assumptions we make about them are myths.Seldom are the men lonely or have sexually unsatisfying relationships.In fact, men who purchase the sex act are more likely to have more sexual partners than those who do not purchase sex acts.They often report that they are satisfied with their wives or partners.They say that they are searching for more sex acts that their wives will not do or excitement that comes with the hunt for a women they can buy for a short time.They are seeking sex without relationship responsibilities.A significant number of men say that the sex and interaction with the prostitute were unrewarding and they did not get what the were seeking; yet they compulsively repeat the act of buying sex and so i can boldly say that men are purchasing sex acts to meet emotional needs not physical needs.Men who purchase sex act do not respect women, nor do they want to respect women/they are seeking control and sex in contexts in which they are not required to be polite or nice and where they can humiliate, degrade and hurt the woman or child, if they want.
The exploiters including traffickers, pimps, brothel owners, organized crime members and corrupt officials makeup what is known as the sex industry.They make money from the sale of sex as a commodity.Traffickers and organized crime groups are the perpetrators that have received most of the attention in discussions about the sex trafficking.Corruption of government officials and police is necessary for trafficking and exploitation of large numbers of women and children.In transnational sex trafficking operations, the collaboration of officials is needed to obtain travel documents and facilitate the exit of women from the country

By tolerating or legalizing prostitution, the state, at least passive is contributing to the demand for victims.The more state regulate prostitution and derive tax revenue from it, the more actively they become part of the demand for victims.If we consider that the demand is the driving force of trafficking, then it is important to analyze the destination countries or cities laws and policies.Officials in destinations counties or cities do not want to admit responsibility for the problem of prostitution and sex trafficking or be held accountable for creating the demand.

At this point to a great extent, the wealthier destination countries control the debate on how trafficking and prostitution will be addressed.Sending countries or regions are usually poorer, less powerful and more likely to be influenced by corrupt officials and organized crime groups.They lack the power and the political will to insist that destination countries and cities stop their demand for women for prostitution.In destination places, strategies are devised to protect the sex industries that generate hundreds of millions of dollars per year for the state where prostitution is legal or for organized crime groups and corrupt officials where the sex industry is illegal.

Exploiters exert pressure on the lawmakers and officials to create conditions that allow them to operate.They use power and influence to shape laws and policies that maintain the flow of women o their sex industries.They do this through the normalization of prostitution and the corruption of civil society.

Ultimately, the culture. particular mass media, is playing a cardinal role in normalizing prostitution by portraying prostitution as glamorous or a way to make a lot of money quickly and easily.Of course, within the commercial world of entertainment, there are many connections between the film and publishing industries and pornography production, between tourist entertainment and sex tourism.Generally the media is invested in supporting the expansion of sex industries.

Within the culture, churches are the voice of moral authority.Unfortunately, in the battle against prostitution the voice of moral authority that condemns all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse are being lost.Some churches are compromising on their mission and their vision.

In fact, there is an important role for churches to play in describing the harm of prostitution to women, children, families and communities.Religious communities from the grassroots to the leadership, need to use their voice of authority to combat the increasing sexual exploitation of victims and its normalization.

edward frimpong

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