By Nngming Bongle Bapuohyele

Dear readers, it is with much joy in my heart that I write this letter to you, hoping to stir your hearts to think on some revelations the Almighty has led me into for your own good. First of all, permit me to briefly introduce myself to you.

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I am a Ghanaian male sexagenarian, an author and teacher on biblical issues, and have been resident in Ghana all my life.

My first book, titled Beware of this False Doctrine: Of Reciting the Sinners? Prayer for Salvation, was published in the USA in 2012 by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency (SBPRA) and its First Revision is scheduled for release, latest by mid-February, 2015, through the publisher?s affiliate book distribution/sales outlets?Ingram Bookstores, AMAZOM.Com and Barnes & Noble?to a worldwide readership. You may want to visit the web address to learn a thing or two about this book.

Over the past few years, I have written close to one hundred features articles that have been published by various media establishments. Notable among these media houses are: Hebrew Vision News, ModernGhana and SpyGhana for on-line publications and The Ghanaian Times, The Ghanaian Chronicle and Today newspapers in Ghana for the print media. All these articles can be read through the URL

Also, I have made quite a good number of presentations on television and radio programs as guest to TV3 Network and ETV-Ghana, SunnyFM and AsempaFM, all in Accra and SpringFM in Mampong-Akwapim, over the past few years.

My longtime daily study of the message of the English Bible and fellowship with a broad spectrum of Christian denominations have led me into many revelations which can simply be described as mind-boggling, worrisome and extraordinary. Sadly, these revelations contradict most tenets and practices of bible-believers, particularly Christians.

It is easily verifiable that the English Bible does not mention the word ?Christianity? in one single instance throughout its pages!! And so, if the Bible were indeed the complete Word of the Creator which was meant to reveal the only way and means by which mankind enters His salvation, as many of its adherents believe it is, then, this salvation will not reach mankind in, by and through ?Christianity?, simply because the bible has no teaching, instruction, or directive called ?Christianity?.

Of course, Christianity has become the faith of many readers of the Bible because of the name JESUS CHRIST that is found in it as purporting to belong to the Savior. Many bible believers have reasoned that if the name of the Savior be JESUS CHRIST, then all who follow or pursue the teachings of this JESUS CHRIST must be called ?Christians?, and their faith and beliefs be deemed ?Christianity?. But then, this name ?JESUS CHRIST? is what has done many a salvation seeker in, robbing them of the Creator?s intended salvation, since ?JESUS CHRIST? is not the genuine name of the Savior!!

The Savior was and is forever Hebrew, and so could not have been known to have the English name?JESUS CHRIST?when he was on earth and, more so, since the Savior lived all his life on earth at a time the English language had not yet even come into existence!!

It was, therefore, impossible for the angel of the Almighty, who was sent on two occasions by Him for the task of informing the Savior?s ?parents? of his name when he was born?cf. Mattityahu (Matthew) 1:21 & Lukas (Luke) 1:31?to have delivered the name JESUS CHRIST for mankind?s salvation, as the English Bible would have its readers believe!!

The name JESUS CHRIST is, obviously, not that which was delivered by the angel to the ?parents? of the Savior, and indeed all of Yisroel and the entire world, under the instructions of the Almighty! The name JESUS CHRIST, coming to mankind in later years after this angel had executed his assignment and after the ascension to Heaven of the Savior, must, obviously, be ill-intended, outside the Will of the Almighty and, therefore, a deception which could only be crafted by enemies of the Almighty to deceive mankind.

Interestingly, there is no letter ?J? or ?jay? sound in Hebrew and so the name ?JESUS? must be alien to Yisroel, the only nation the Almighty has destined His salvation to be known from to spread to the rest of the world! So then, wherever we read JESUS in the Bible, it is obviously transported from a non-Hebrew culture and transplanted into a book that was originally written in Hebrew!

This has come about because mankind decided of his own will to translate the Hebrew-revealed Word of the Almighty into other languages of the world without His mandate, inspiration, or supervision, and thereby erred in and by translating every Hebrew name and title into English!

The result of this is that translators ended up doing a shoddy job in their production of the Bible! No wonder there are numerous versions and editions of the Bible coming out every year, all trying to improve on its credibility! What if one died believing an old edition like say The Old King James Version before its New one was made out to the world??

The biggest error of all bible translators is their rather puerile mistake of translating all Hebrew names and titles of people, place names, Hebrew feast names set by the Almighty, days, months, etc, into Gentile ?equivalents?. The fact is that names and titles are proper nouns of any particular culture which must never be translated into languages of other cultures. Why bible translators broke this rule and have, for a very long while, gotten away with this crime beats my imagination. I believe bible translators need to answer to the world why they did this!

Curiously, all other non-Hebrew names of actors in the Hebrew-revealed scriptures have been maintained in their original state by translators. And so, names such as Caesar, Augustus, Pontius Pilate, Agrippa, Herod, Felix, Festus, Bernice, etc, have remained so in all works of every bible translator while all Hebrew names have been translated!

YahuChanan a typical Hebrew name is rendered ?John? by bible translators; MattitYahu as Matthew, Shimon Kefa as Simon Peter, Sha?ul as Paul, YeshaYahu as (Isaiah), YirmeYahu as Jeremiah, NathanYahu as Nathaniel, ElYahu as Elijah, TzefanYahu as Zephaniah, ZecharYahu as Zechariah, HezkiYahu as Hezekiah, UzziYahu as Uzziah and all the host of other Hebrew names!!

After committing such a sacrilegious sin of translating Hebrew names, bible translators seemed emboldened to translate the most holy and sacred names of the Almighty and His Son! The Almighty?s name ?YAHUWAH? has been changed to YAHWEH and JEHOVAH and His first known appellation of ?Elohiym? to ?God?; so He could be classified among ?gods? (idols) with Him being the chiefly of them??

The name of YAHUWAH?s only begotten Son, YAHUSHUA (meaning, Yahuwah Gives Salvation or Yahuwah Is Salvation), and the most popular title He gave to this Son, HaMashakhYahu (meaning, the Anointed One of Yahuwah), have, sadly, been changed to JESUS and CHRIST respectively by translators, thus becoming meaningless in every respect!

Whose courage and foolhardiness led to this? It can only be Lucifer, the arch enemy of Elohiym! Has Lucifer not sworn to mimic, undo, falsify and counterfeit everything that Elohiym has done and set by His authority??cf. Daniel 7:25.

And so, today, when Heaven commands loyalty to the name of the Savior?Yahushua HaMashakhYahu?the entire world, under the grips and rule of Lucifer, is misled to show loyalty to a ?JESUS CHRIST? instead, thereby creating confusion and disharmony between Heaven and Earth, which ultimately will deny mankind the salvation of the Almighty.

How can mankind receive the salvation of the Almighty which He has destined to come to him through the only one name, Yahushua HaMashakhYahu, when he has been deceived to believe in a JESUS CHRIST instead??cf. Ma?asim (Acts) 4:10-12.

It is my love for the good of mankind, especially of this generation in which I live and for future ones, and my dedication and zeal for my assigned role in the business of Elohiym on Earth, that I write this letter, seeking to warn every salvation seeker of Bible persuasion to be very careful with this book. And I do hope you see the value of this warning. Shalom Aleikem.

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