HORDS Limited, producers of food supplement, is to undertake clinical tests to investigate the efficacy of Soyabetix, one of its products as a food supplement.

SoyabetixThe clinical test is aimed at developing effective and efficient medical solutions to diabetes and other sugar related ailments, the Chief Executive Officer of HORDS Limited, Mr Harold Otabil said in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

Mr Otabil said ?it has become necessary to undertake clinical test to confirm the medicinal value of Soyabetix and also to satisfy the global requirements of one of the top five pharmaceutical companies who are interested in the product?.

The clinical test will be conducted within the confines of World Health Organisation standards.

In this regard, Mr. Otabil said ?we have a very unique product that needs to be taken to the world to reverse the effects of diabetes and it is also important that we take the next step?.

The test fits into the 10-year strategic plans of HORDS Limited to transform Soyabetix from an advanced herbal food supplement into a recognised global medicine for the cure of diabetes, he added.

Soyabetix is a natural food supplement with an advanced herbal formula to reverse diabetes. The product can be taken in powdered form but plans are being developed to produce the capsule version.

The exploits of Soyabetix on the Ghanaian local market has been the case of being ?amazing and a pleasant surprise? for those who have had their cases of diabetes reversed.

It is on this note that HORDS Limited decided to engage a diabetic expert and a leading medical laboratory to lead the clinical test with the view of subjecting Soyabetix to a strict pharmaceutical processes in order to prove its medicinal value.

Mr Otabil said ?adding value to our rich botanical plants through research and development could have the potential to enhance our exports thereby increasing our foreign earnings as well as improving our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the long term.?

It is envisaged that the exploits of HORDS Limited will pave the way for the rich medicinal products from Ghana to enter into the global pharmaceutical market.

The clinical test will also send a positive message across to other Ghanaian based pharmaceutical companies to engage in research and development activities in order to increase their product offerings.

It is expected that the clinical tests will enable HORDS Limited to adhere to the strict ethics of medicinal oriented products.

HORDS Limited is at the final stage of listing on GAX, a 2nd tier Ghanaian Stock Exchange which is targeted at Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME?s) with potential for growth. This will enable Ghanaians to benefit from the success of HORDS Limited.



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