Question ? How Warped Tour tickets are usually employed, approximatly
I want to go to Warped Tour 2010, but I need to know how much to save money. Or they rushed past years? Best Answer:

by ? ? ? ? Ashley
Well, if you buy a ticket pre-sale, its about 20-30 dollars. If you are buying closer to the date, then I think last year was about the 36th I went with the pre-sale tickets, because of its expensive and you do not have to wait in line to get (they act in line to enter the place to jump on the neck;]) At least this is what it was last year. So perhaps the $ 40 entrance, and it is like 15-20 dollars for shirts, but if you want to buy some merch. The food is also separated. I forgot how much it was. And if you buy water there, or if you go through the door, they take the caps. Idk why. Just put a cap or two in your pocket so you can put in a backpack instead of a bottle of it.

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