HTW (Heel The World) ’s Yellow Monkeys Shoes make history, as they become the first luxe item to have a waiting list in Ghana (maybe Africa)


I as approached a hundred years ago about ‘Heel The World’ Shoes and at the time they were just starting out, didn’t have a blog/website and I really couldn’t make ends-or-tales out of what was been said to me. I also have a thing about shoes!! -Unless its converse -all shoes must be well made (created to last) and made from natural materials -[full stop].  At that time, I couldn’t tell if all my pre-requisites were met. Today, HTW has grown from strength to strength (plus others have had the luxury of time -and have managed to find out/work out what they stand for -so I don’t) -and I’m very impressed. 

Anyway something big has happened. -The Heel The World label has hit a first for Ghana (maybe the whole of Africa). They have entered the holy grail of the waiting lists; -and this is huge in the world of fashion, –especially African fashion. 
Everybody knows about the “most iconic bags of the twentieth century” -the Hermes Kelly bag and the Hermes Birkin bag and their uber famous waiting lists.. Well, ‘Heel The World’ has joined this exclusive list -and has elegantly set up a waiting list for its uber coveted -HTW Yellow Monkeys shoes [fabulous]… 

About the shoes.. Even though the guys don’t go into as much detail as I like [you know what I’m like by now -I don’t joke with good Ghanaian/African -enterprise or thefiner details), I can see from the photographs that it’s a yellow slipper style (very on-trend right now. I truly believe HTW started this global slipper trend -as I saw their shoes -years ago) -lovingly made from soft pony skin /cowhide leather -by hand for that bespoke quality. 

HTW’s Yellow Monkeys shoes has many celebrity fans not least Ghana Rising fave and one of the best dressed men of Ghanaian origin, Allen Coleman (pictured above in said shoes). 

I’m soo pleased for the HTW team and wish them uber global success -Amen. 

To be added to the list or enquire about HTW Yellow Monkeys 

For more info about the HTW (Heel The World) label visit:

** All photographs come courtesy of HTW..

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