Husband Defends Cecilia Marfo


Sometimes, some measures put in place by some churches for their members to adhere to cannot be fully understood. News circulating currently indicates that renowned gospel musician, Cecilia Marfo, has been suspended from her church (Ashaiman Area branch of the Church of Pentecost).

cecilia marfo
cecilia marfo

According to reports, this action was taken against the musician because she flouted the church laws which prohibits?any member of the church?from?establishing?prayer camps outside the church.

In an effort to understand the sanctions that the church of Pentecost has imposed on Cecilia Marfo, Kwasi Aboagye, host of Entertainment Review on peace Fm, reached out to the overseer of the Ashaiman Area branch of the?Church of Pentecost, Apostle Nene Amegatcher.

According to the apostle, Cecilia Marfo has been denied certain privileges as a member of the church. Nonetheless, she has not been expelled or barred from attending church meetings. ?She cannot stand in front of the congregation and sing anymore,??he added.

The most interesting part of the whole issue is that Apostle Nene Amegatcher claim ever since he was transferred to the Ashaiman Area Pentecost Church in September 2012, Cecilia Marfo has never stepped foot in the church before. ?I was told she was a member of the church. I have never set eyes on her ever since I came to the church in September 2012. I do call her and advice her not to let music programmes stop her from attending church,??the?Apostle added.

Not long after he made those revelations, Kofi Clement, husband of Cecilia Marfo joined the discussion to narrate their side of the story. In relation to Cecilia not attending church for almost 2 years, Clement made it known that Cecilia was very sick.

?Right after Nene Amegatcher was transferred to the Ashaiman Area Pentecost Church, Cecilia became seriously sick. The church was aware. I remember she once went to church when she was not fully recovered to pay her tithe (Ghc2,000).

The elder who took the money cried after seeing how the musician had grown lean. From the time Cecilia went to pay her tithe at the church, no elder visited her at home to see how she was faring.?

?We were at home one day when one elder brought Ghc100. According to him, elders of the church had sent him to deliver the money to Cecilia. There were a lot?of things that we didn?t get right from the church we love.?

It?s true Cecilia has established a prayer camp. Cecilia and I didn?t know there were directives like that until he (Apostle Nene Amegatcher) read the church?s constitution to us. He told us to dissolve the prayer camp. We haven?t done that because God revealed to us not to do so.

We accept that we have gone contrary to the church?s directives. Apostle Nene Amegatcher has not given us any official letter informing us that Cecilia Marfo has been suspended. We are still in talks with the elders whether we will dissolve the prayer camp or not,? Clement narrated.

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