The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Ghana’s premier voluntary business association has come a long way from its humble beginning when it was established in 1958 and had a membership of just some 10 Ghanaian Manufacturing Industries. Today, The AGI has grown to a national organization with an active membership of more than 300 made up of small, medium and large scale manufacturing industries. Its members are also in support service industries such as transport, construction, utilities information technology, telecommunications, banking and advertising.

AGI’s mission is to carry out proactive support services for the industrial sector with a view to contributing substantially to the growth and development of industry in Ghana. Its objective, therefore, are to seek to provide a central organization for the promotion of the interest of industry: study, support and influence legislative or other measures, which are considered favourable for industry. It also exists to oppose those which are considered inimical to growth of industry; consider all issues connected with industry in Ghana and present the views and suggestions of industry to government and all stakeholders; and deliver quality service to member companies, particularly small and medium scale enterprise towards bringing about improvement in their performance.

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