?After three days tour in kofroridua

Lovers and die-hards of kasapreko products, in Koforidua and its environs in the eastern region, seems to have suddenly developed an insatiable taste for the newly branded ?alomo sankwan? bitters , aftermath a three day tour in the region to launch the product.

The Kasapreko Alomo Sankwan activation in Koforidua finally came to an end, after the 3day ?joint to joint?-party train stopped through various well distinguished joints in the township.

This was the second successful weekend event ever organized by Kasapreko ?Alomo Sankwan? in Koforidua, from Saturday 4th to 6th October, Monday.

It was an atmosphere of sharing the number one authentic African herbal drink ?Alomo Bitters?, aside enjoying indigenous delicious Ghanaian meals like Fufu, Tuo Zafi, Omo Tuo, Banku, Kenkey and many more.

Alomo Sankwan brought together friends, family, students from nearby campuses and neighbors to have an experience of the ?Alomo Bitters? and their new brand ?Alomo Silver?.

Day One was a repeat of the party train making a stop at the Democracy Pub (after they had earlier made a stop at Jackson Park) where they had previously stormed with Hiplife duo Keche.

The Alomo Sankwan crew in appreciation of Muslims ?Eid Ul Adha? celebration made a stop at Home Sweet Home pub, a well-known Tuo ZAfi joint in the vicinity where customers enjoyed Tuo Zafi alongside Alomo Bitters.

Eno the self-acclaimed best Hiplife female rapper was present to ?Bless The Mic? as she took center stage to showcase her lyrical prowess and to also motivate the young upcoming ones.

Lastly the Alomo Sankwan party train made a special holiday stop at Apeasi pub, a favorite fufu joint in Koforidua.

Lots of prizes were given out to consumers from Alomo Sankwan branded souvenirs, mobile phones, airtime to pressing Iron and many more.

CEO of Strategic Communications, Abeiku Santana the brain behind Alomo Sankwan campaign was also the MC for the event; he stated, the reason Alomo Sankwan was initiated is to create awareness about how nutritious our local foods are and since Alomo Bitters is also made from the finest herbs which helps in whetting ones appetite before meals it was ideal to activate such a campaign.

He further stressed on the fact that Kasapreko has been a major brand in Ghana and contributes hugely to the economy of the nation as they did last year alone by giving Government $20million as tax returns only.

Alomo Bitters have been acclaimed an international brand product as it is widely accepted in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

The Alomo Sankwan party train will be making its next stop in Odwira where they aim to spread the benefits of Alomo Bitters as people enjoy their favorite meal at their favorite food joint.

Don?t be left out, the Alomo Sankwan crew will be making a stop in your town soon.




Source:?Samuel Ansah Boateng


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