Kenya And Its Unicorn.

Contemplative Africans wonder how Kenya positioned itself into competition that it leads economically, socially and technologically.
Kenya Utilized all untapped talents and resources to be the center of East Africa’s.

Its cities have got historical fortes.
Coast of Kenya is the monopoly of tourists, fish, drugs and terrorists. Tourists are seen exulting and craving all times on the private beaches of the coast. As it turned out drugs leave the inhabitants without reproductive use of time. The drugs don’t only ruin the indigenous people but also some morbid tourists were seen injecting their arms as they extended the visas.
Terrorists in the other hand, recruited the deranged youth with false promises of stable salary and better life.

There hadn’t been local NGOs except AFRAXhres.
Our correspondence met the director who said “drugs and crime are dangerous careers.” in a candid interview.

The presidential palace of Kenya was blamed by small scaled people for grasping the funds meant for initiative projects. It seems the hypothetical funds don’t brim the big incumbents but also deters the jittery of the small scaled.
The inner part of the country remains as it was fifty years ago despite the country’s remarkable developments. What Kenya and Kenyans awe are the trots and treks they made in meditative progressions.

Reported by our E.Africa’s
Nuune gaabshe,

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