Dating to a thousand years before Christ in the building of Solomon’s Temple, Hiram Abiff, the Masonic legend, is believed to be the master builder of the temple.

It is believed that God had spoken to Solomon directly and Hiram Abiff knew the secret word to becoming an expert in masonry. Three apprentices wanted this knowledge and when they couldn’t get it, plotted and killed him. Whiles dying he said the words “Who would help the widow’s son?” This phrase becomes the universal code for help among Masons. His ability of not giving up the secret knowledge to the ‘undeserving’ makes him the greatest of Freemason heroes.

Freemasonry emanates from the ancient Jewish culture about death and resurrection. It is a society filled with allegory and symbolism. During initiation, each member is ‘killed’ and then ‘resurrected’. Part of their many ‘rituals’ include the pouring of libations of corn, oil, and wine which stands for prosperity, peace and happiness respectively.

There are various conspiracy theories which suggest that the Freemasons are part of a devilish and a ‘cultic’ group but this makes interesting reading. According to history, in ancient times, 9 Knights Templar from France went to the Holy land to protect Christians who were being persecuted. However, one must hasten to add that, they discovered scrolls in the Temple which others say may have contributed how their practice ‘evolved’. Over the years, their numbers grew and became what others argue to be the world’s first ‘corporate’ organisation. For some strange reason they were only to meet at night. This of cause raised many suspicions.

In the 1300s, as the years went by, the Knights Templar (later to adopt the name Freemasons) grew strong, the Church, headed by Pope Clement V and an ‘army’ with orders from King Philip of France, besieged one of the ‘night’ meetings of the Knights Templar. The Church considered them as a threat and others were concerned about their actions. They were captured, tortured and burnt. This act occurred on Friday the 13, 1307, which some people believe is from where Friday the 13, being a bad day originated. The Knights Templar (Freemasons) were later condemned by the Church.

This action caused the other thousands of Knights Templar to flee to other corners of the world with some finding haven with the medieval Stonemasons. (The stonemasons have always being a part of the Freemasonry ever since the time of Hiram Abiff during the building of Solomon’s Temple). The Stonemasons due to they being granted free travel across borders offered them a haven to survive and thrive. The Stonemasons were builders at the time, call them construction workers. Also, the Stonemasons had three forms of greetings (handshake) which are adopted by the Freemasons. The handshake reveals your rank and what job you can do and must be done anytime a new stonemason arrives at a location where he is new t the people. He must first shake the hand of the master using one of the three handshakes to inform him of his rank and capability.

Parts of the most cherished symbols of Freemasonry are the callipers, the builder’s square and the letter ‘G’. It makes interesting knowing that these are also part of the most important tools of the stonemasons at the time. The callipers informs the Mason to set boundaries to his action, the square informs him to have morality and the letter ‘G’ is his belief that there is a Supreme Being watching over all of us.

In January 1717 the first Grand Lodge was founded in England. Part of their first ‘laws’ was that it must include and be open to people of all religions including those without one. They believe in a Supreme Being, whom they refer to as the Great Architect Of The Universe (G.A.O.T.U). It is believed to be the first ‘organisation’ that elected its leaders democratically, something that will be adopted in the formation of America.

The Freemason has been a repository of scientific knowledge, and knowledge from all spheres by people from all religious background, mainly because most of its people were knowledgeable and inquisitive at a time when knowledge was ‘opposed’ by the Church.
Masons being referred to as devilish cult, some believe, emanates from a paragraph in the 1861 page book entitle Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike which mentioned Lucifer in one of its lines. Others say the ‘Lucifer’ mentioned refers to the devil whereas Masons believe it is not.

Indeed, some of the information and rituals carried out by Freemasonry may not be known, but as to what the society actually is still remains a mystery for many people and may forever remain a conspiracy to many. Listing people will make this piece endless let alone to talk about the role of the Freemasonry in the founding of America. May be another time, I will write on that.

Freemason means the ‘free builder’ and it is believed to be originated from the time of the stonemasons. The three people that struck Hiram Abiff to death to the Freemason symbolises ignorance, fanaticism and tyranny. Perhaps these are still what is confronted by the Freemasons today.

Remember that the affection, indeed, distorts the perception and depending where you have heard a theory about Freemasonry, you are likely to believe what you believe.

Disclaimer: The Writer is a free minded person with a curious mind and this script was written having read documents and watched documentaries on Freemasonry. This piece merely is to offer knowledge. The Writer’s name is Kotey.

Author: Edwin Kotey
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