Kum Bilson; a true radio personality

If there is one radio presenter, among a whole lot more who qualifies as an educator or teacher on radio, that person is Kofi Kum Bilson of peace FM of Accra.


It is proven that his program is widely read at home and abroad especially by a reader simply known as constructivist who said thus “I agree that Kum Bilson has been consistent over the years but I miss the program since I left Accra. Kum Bilson’s program is laced with entertainment, suspense and all the education you need for a mid-morning daily,” adding that he should keep it up.

His program is rendered in Twi or the Akan language interspersed with English and advertisements providing educative information of the moment devoid of partisanship, sometimes drawing strength from historical accounts reminding people of events gone by. In His latest program he mentioned the eulogized Alhaji Aliu Mahama from 2001 to 2008 who died three years ago and went ahead to recount the death of late president mills and de Graft Johnson Vice President to late President Limann in the Third Republic.

He reminded listeners the departure from this earth of Chinua Achebe who he said was a Nigerian and leading literature writer in Africa for his good writings that depict the culture and traditions of Africa. Kofi sounds Christian with friends among Muslims and others but difficult to tell his partisan leanings.

As an adult, I take interest in Kofi’s programs while I ride in private cars, taxis, ‘tro tros’ and trading outfits in markets. Kofi’s exhilarating program called ‘working time’ is presented after the popular morning show by Kwame Sifa Kayi and terminates at 12 noon to give way for the afternoon news.

Some news stories he drops are known to many people but what makes those stories interesting is the style and twists he applies to make them interesting and tantalizing. Kofi’s feat chalked elevates him to rub shoulders with radio gurus like Kwame Sifa Kayi presenter of Peace Fm , Ekuoba Gyasi of Top Fm and Opanin Kofi Agyekum who features in discussions on peace Fm and the Radio Universe and many others . He sounds well educated that he is.

No wonder that he pontificate with pride quite often his being a proud old student of Accra Academy, a school attended by many professionals and politicians including my first child , Abdul Aziz Abdulai ,head of the Health Services team of the Ministry of Health at Asamankese and environs. His achievements cannot be due only to his pursuit of knowledge at Accra Academy.

After his academic pursuit he humbly learnt from the feet of experienced hands in radio broadcasts such as Tommy Annan Forson my idol once at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and Joy Fm among other top radio stations. After presenting his true, factual and sometimes strange and interesting stories, he often serves a good menu for the day known as ‘motivational message’ through which he offers free advice to all especially the young and up and coming generations. One such advice that he dropped last week should be considered memorable and timely.

Just listen to Kofi as he makes a remarkable statement thus, “if your job description includes telling lies you must rethink and move out of it, for it would not be beneficial to yo in the long run”. He gave an example of some dog dealers in the Spintex road who painted dogs in colors to suit the requirements of some of their customers only for the buyers to be disappointed when the dogs change colors when it rains or when the dogs are washed.

This has led to the dog dealers losing out by scaring off their customers and moving out of business. Today, Kofi says, those liars selling dogs at Spintex are no longer seen around their spots. With this you can bet Kofi has thrown a bombshell by condemning lies in Ghana’s social, marketing, industrial and official circles. Why? Today the Food and Drugs Board has caught some dealers in edible palm oil contaminating the product with some chemicals. This has slowed down business in this area leading to the dealers struggling to make amends.

It is public knowledge that some producers of groundnut paste do adulterate the product to increase their market value. Over and under invoicing are practiced in high and low industrial and commercial circles with official collusion, with top and low government and business officials leading to increase in cost of goods, services and contracts. Lying on phones in the presence of family members including children is rampant.

The practice of teaching children to lie by parents by asking them to turn away visitors from their homes when those parents were indeed at home is rampant. Kofi also mentioned the celebration of 70 years anniversary of UNESCO on 16th November, with a call to all to promote Tolerance. He mentioned political, cultural and religious tolerance and said the most difficult to observe is religious tolerance.

He quoted a writer as saying that the highest result of education is the show of tolerance by all irrespective of religious political and cultural leanings. The daily program except Saturdays and Sundays by Kofi Kum Bilson is meant for adults but the contents are also good for young ones who wish to learn more about life to be able to chart good courses for themselves and the society.

Kofi’s program has a way of enlivening Ghanaian listeners with healthy jokes, wise words meant to make people happy and hearty all day. I dare say that such a program can engender productivity in our workforce. For that matter ride on Kofi to use your program to enliven Ghana to promote work and cheerfulness all days long.

Source: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

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