“I’m a lovely guy. I love people and I love to chat with people”, are not quite what you will expect as the ideal phrases to describe the founder of one of Ghana’s most successful herbal-based medical facilities. Dr Kwaku Frimpong maintains that it is his love and empathy for others that have driven him this far in life.
Decisive, religious and philanthropic are the preeminent words that best describe Dr Kwaku Frimpong, Chief Executive Officer of Champion Divine Clinic. His rather huge sense of humour adds to his persona, a fascinating character on any ordinary day.
It’s intriguing to know however that, but for his one year training at a pharmaceutical facility in Pakistan, the founder of the multimillion herbal-based health delivery centre has had no formal education in medicine or health care delivery.
Born to a family of 6, this “suborn yet reasonably sympathetic” son of a Missionary father and clothes trading mother, left the country after his Secondary School education at Kumasi High for greener pastures in Switzerland then in Germany, plying his trade as a footballer.
After years of unsuccessful attempts at securing himself a team contract, Dr Kwaku Frimpong returned to Ghana to start a retail business in auto-mechanical spear parts. All this while, he had not taken particular interest in herbal medicine or any item involving medical treatments;  until he and his wife where diagnosed of medical complications which resulted in conception difficulties.
Already a father of two with his first wife whom he had divorced, Dr Kwaku Frimpong said he and his new wife, Mrs Esther Frimpong became disturbed by what appeared a hopeless situation. In their desperate period they tried various treatments till they achieved success, aided by a herbal fertility drug introduced to him by a Pakistani business partner and friend.
“I saw the potential in it, when I witnessed what the medicine could do,” Dr Kwaku Frimpong said. Months after confirmed conception, he made arrangements with his Pakistani friend to visit his country and the production source of the drug. Business minded as he is, he took even keener interest in the drugs and quickly made plans to train at the facility in herbal medicine for fertility while keeping tabs on his auto-mechanic spare parts business back home.
Dr Kwaku Frimpong, returned home to soon become the major supplier of Pakistani herbal drugs – mostly for fertility – to a number of pharmacies. This he did for not less than two years before conceiving the idea of converting some rooms in his house into a health facility specialised in infertility.
After engaging the services of some medical personnel, he registered the Champion Homeopathic Clinic in 2002. The clinic was devoted to the treatment of conceptual complications and general fertility problems in both sexes.
Two years of operation brought to light the need to expand to cater for the increasing numbers who were coming to seek medical attention at the facility. Dr Kwaku Frimpong also realised the need to diversify into areas which were not directly related to the fertility of a person as had been the practice at the clinic.
The name of the health post was changed to Champion Divine Clinic to better reflect the new direction taken, which was to be the most preferred health facility in the world; providing quality health care at the most affordable price with guarantee.
Champion Divine Clinic is well on its way to achieving its target, opening brunches in other parts of the country. “We want to build an ultramodern clinic, first of its kind in the world. In ten years from now, quality health delivery should be truly accessible to all in Ghana. No one has to die from a disease that can easily be cured or even prevented.”
Champion, as he is affectionately called by friends and family, gave a rather religious tale as to why he chose the name champion saying it stems from a church sermon, ‘raising the champions’, by Pastor Salifo Amoako at Suame back in the year 2002. “He was preaching and all of a sudden he called me out of the congregation and said this man is going to be one of the champions in Ghana.” Memories of this day serve as an inspiration to Dr Kwaku Frimpong.
Besides running the Champion Divine Clinic, Dr Kwaku Frimpong has listed among his assets the Champion Estate, the Champion Hotel and the Star Plush mineral water. He is also the majority shareholder of the Phoenix Insurance Company.
Dr Kwaku Frimpong is hopeful that this life story will serve as an inspiration to the youth to do something for themselves and not to depend on others to provide them a source of livelihood. “My family did not support me; it’s God who supported me,” he said.
“The youth want quick money. They don’t want to serve but they want to be Kings, it’s impossible. You have to serve to learn from others, the art of leadership.”
Dr Kwaku Frimpong takes delight in prayer and football.
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