Let?s Appreciate What Our Predecessors Have Done

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akosombo-damIt?s rather unfortunate Ghana after 57 years of independence is still under developed due to BLACK MENTALITY by our Politicians who always take delight in their selfish interest rather than developmental projects and programmes having forgotten the fact that their actions and in actions will go a long way to affect the nation and the good people of Ghana and not their political opponents.

The issue of politicians not appreciating what their predecessors have done is a draw back to the growth and development of mother Ghana. I mean they must learn to give credit at least little commendations to what their predecessors have done and not coming out openly to create a bad impression that the previous government and his administration did nothing towards the growth and development of mother Ghana.

The seat of government is not a bonafide property of any political party so it is better parties utilizes the honour the good citizens of Ghana done them well. ?Ghanaians will agree with me during and after the year 2000 elections some top men in the out going party that is NDC came out to tell Ghanaians they are going to see where the NPP leadershipwill get money to run Ghana towards thegrowth and development of the nation because they have dried up Ghana?s coffers to point Zero and to a point of no return.

Former president John Agyekum Kuffour and his administration for the love of mother Ghana took the initiative of taken Ghana to Hipic and went to Nigeria to speak with the president at that time to come to the aid of Ghana by supplying us with fuel when the country was in die need of fuel. When former president Kuffour and his administration handed over power to the NDC leadership they told Ghanaians they inherited nothing but to our greatest? surprise the transition team had more than enough money? to drink cup of ?tea amounted to millions of Ghana Cedi.? After the 7th December, 2008 which? saw the NDC party coming out victorious they threw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians that the economy was broke because ?former? president John Agyekum Kuffour and his administration has siphon all our money to prudential Bank and other foreign banks. Sooner than later to our greatest surprise the thens finance minister Mr .Kwabena. Dufour in his report to the IMF proved the NPP leadership did not leave office with empty coffers and NDC party did not inherit a broken economy.

The NDC have also contributed immensely in the previous years in the area of rural developments and the good initiative brought up during their tenure of office that is the Valued Added Tax (VAT) which has gone a long way to help this country in the area of revenue generation. Our Politicians must not forget that there is an Akan adage that says ?The rod that was used to hit Baah it is the same rod that would be used to hit Tachie someday and as if they won?t praise their political opponents they shouldn?t tarnish their image.

It is imperative for politicians to learn to show little appreciation to what their predecessors have done so that the good citizens of Ghana will not have bad thought for them and will appreciate their good service to mother Ghana and its citizens.If the previous government was not able to complete some projects for continuity sake our successive government will have to complete them and should not abandon ?it to rot because Ghanaians will say it was this government and his administration that started it after all those who are going to benefit it are not foreigners but Ghanaians. A typical example is the affordable housing projects started by the formal president John Agyekum Kuffour?s time. I would commend the Late Pro. Fiifi Atta Mills for showing appreciation to project done by former President John Agyekum Kuffour by constructing John Walker Bush highway road by inviting him to be part of the commissioning of that project which have ease traffic jam.

When it comes to national issues about the state of our economy Politicians must know that wisdom is not found in one person head and whether one person is from your party or opposition party we should respect their views after all they are not from Togo, Liberia, Congo, Burkina Faso and many other foreign countries but are Ghanaians. Opinion they say are like noses it differs and as such it is imperative to put our party affiliations aside and take the country?s economy as our biological mother who is serious ill and needs a medical attention. Our Politicians must also learn to appreciate other people?s views on the current economic challenges facing us as a nation.

It is sad great people who have the technical know-how such as Dr Mammud Bawumia who for the love of his country will share his views on the causes and solutions of our economic hardships and because he came from the opposition party some people from the NDC leadership came out to lambast him as someone who knows nothing.

This kind of attitude is unscientific and does not auger well in our democracy .We have had other prominent economist like Mr Thomas Kusi Boafo. Who always talks about national issues the way it is and some NDC people who have tagged him to be an NPP member. If I may ask those people is he not a Ghanaian and is he not affected by the current economic hardships. At long last all that they said has gradually shown up and not long ago his Excellency John Dramani Mahama and his Vice-president saw the need to have an economic forum in Senkyi and the views of the people who attended the forum was not different from what Dr . Mammud Bawumia said some months ago. Our Politicians who have views on economic challenges must also refrain from attaching their political sentiments to national issues confronting us as a nation so that their views would be taken in good faith. Our Politicians must put aside their egoistic attitude and be ready to take the views of other Political leaders because if a fetish priest says a town should collapse he lives in it and if things work to perfection he will benefit as well.

My passionate appeal to our Politicians is they should think about Mother Ghana first in whatever they intend doing so that Ghana will grow from grass to grace and the souls of our departed freedom fighters will rest in peace in their grave. Long live Ghana




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