On this site we have shown many of the lies being peddled by TB Joshua’s ex-disciples whom have form a bloc to rebel against TB Joshua and the SCOAN for failing to become either a Prophet or Prophetess. Some of the words used to address TB Joshua are so strong that we at Watching TB Joshua decided to take up the issue, digging deep into some of the issues raised by these so called ex-disciples, and men of God out of sheer jealousy.

Madeleine: A commenter on one of the blogs used to spread malicious and fabricated lies against TB Joshua and his ministry, she had this to say, “All information about TB Joshua that I have read from the Internet indicates that he is not accountable. I have also met a Nigerian church leader visiting England who has said exactly the same.”

Madeleine We don’t get it. Apart from God who called and commissioned him (TB Joshua), who do they want him to be accountable to? Let’s look at Jesus himself and the great men of God in the bible, there is something always unique about them and their calling, so also TB Joshua’s calling is unique. Talking about Nigeria Church Leaders, most of them belong to the PFN and have one way or the other gone to the media to make some despicable statements against TB Joshua and his ministry. The tone and style of some of the writings reveals a deep seated hatred for the Prophet. The writer of such despicable stories against the SCOAN does not even acknowledge the many good things Prophet TB Joshua is doing for Nigeria in particular and for humanity in general. Let’s not be blinded by myopic and false considerations! God alone is the supreme judge and the truth shall prevail! Dollars and Pounds do not allow them to say the truth.

Believe us when we say there are many things we would prefer to be doing than running this site – but if it can help save just a few people from the being deceived like somewhatsober, a commenter who left a comment on our post titled Final Part – War in the Church, Many against TB Joshua saying; I confess to being guilty of believing the unqualified rumors against TB Joshua, to my shame I even name-called him in a most disrespectful way in a ANTI SCOAN SITE, having fallen for the lies. I needed those lies in order to satisfy my own failures at SCOAN. Click here to view the comment direct on our blog

The comment above was left by someone who was deceived by one of the blogs formed by ex-disciples of TB Joshua who were not sincere during their stay at the SCOAN, hence they failed.

Another commenter Kelly wrote on their blog:

You did not tell the world you were going to the SCOAN, so it will be ridiculous when you start telling the world that you left. Kelly Was referring to those who claimed they have wasted their time at SCOAN

After months of slander and defamation, Anti SCOAN Sites finally agrees there is no evidence to support their claim of sexual abuse charges against T.B. Joshua. This is funny considering the fact that they have heaped invectives, called him names and I am wondering why they have not rendered a formal apology to the man of God. In their latest article they said:

‘We’re not saying these allegations are definitely true – we’d have no evidence to support that claim.’

If they claim there is indeed no evidence to support their claims, why are they now saying the allegations must be ‘investigated?’ If they have evidence, it is incumbent upon them to provide them to the police to investigate, because you cannot investigate anything without evidence.

They must for once keep their mouths shut and concentrate on building their lives instead of becoming permanent bloggers. If their aim is to destroy the man of God then they have failed in their venture.

SOURCE:  http://watchingtbjoshua.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/lets-lie-for-dollars-and-pounds/



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