Federico Dal Cortivo interviews Joe Fallisi, Italian tenor and human rights activist. Fallisi has denounced the Italian government over the war against Libya.

Translated from Italian by Alexander Synge

Q: Mr. Fallisi, on Thursday 27 October, you filed a charge at the Public Prosecutor’s office in Rome against the State of Italy for having violated Art. 11 of the Constitution by engaging in “hostilities against a foreign State”. This decision is, I think, counter-current, since all the parties in parliament and the Chief of State, Napolitano, fully support the NATO war. How did you reach it?

A: I came to the conclusion that it was my duty as a citizen to oppose this infamous development in Italy’s history. We find here the blackest page in the chronicles of recent years. I feel I am not represented in any way either by the government or by the opposition. Or by the so-called “President of the Republic”, an old hand in the Stalinist, Atlantic, Freemasonry camp, always ready to shed (radioactive) crocodile tears whenever the occasion requires it. You’re right, Parliament has “fully supported” the predatory assault on Libya willed by the Euro-American usurocrats. The decision to tear up a vital article of the constitution was taken by all, alongside the vile decision not to honour the treaty which was to bind us in friendship with the Great Arab Libyan People’s Socialist Jamahiriya. Again, the centre-right-left Caste has removed its mask, providing us with yet another reason for a revolution which one day shall rid us of them all.

Q: The attack on Libya was justified by France, Great Britain and the USA as “humanitarian intervention”, required to save the lives of civilians. What’s your view on this? What were the real reasons behind the war (never actually declared) which so closely resembles the war against Serbia in 1999?

A: The sages of India would say we are up to our necks in the era of Kali Yuga, a time in which power is in the hands of brutality (introductory information can be found in the three eloquent sections “Problemi che sorgono nel Kali Yuga”, “Cambiamenti nelle persone” and “Condizioni delle caste” here). Add to this the fact that we live in the society of spectres, Ersatz, Big Brother and Total Propaganda. The voice of those in power is the voice of falsehood. By definition, everything is placed on its head. The wielders of power use the most invasive media, which serve them, which are capable of palming off lies of gigantic, global proportions as though they were real. Just as we saw, for example, with the willing serfs in America who swallowed both the ridiculous elections (which Bush actually lost but which we are told he won) and Bush’s successor – who received his Nobel peace prize just before embarking on a career as warmonger (not only that, since he wasn’t born in one of the States of the Union, he wasn’t even entitled to run for the election). We see it in the targeted assassination of Bin Laden’s ghost – the spectral spectacle par excellence (see here)! To justify their crimes they take refuge in the doubtful criteria of political correctness, of democratic mystification (see vol. I of Qaddafi’s Green Book). It goes without saying that these people are about as interested in saving “civilian” lives as vampires are in the health of their… patients. They are the worst foes of the freedoms of peoples and true human rights. If more proof were needed, look at the obscene attack on the Jamahiriya – which by the way, before the “Islamic” monsters and northern Atlantic terrorists wreaked their havoc, had ensured living standards of the first order. Ask the martyred people of Sirte what kind of “protection” they received (along with phosphorus, uranium and anthrax – see, for instance, here and here).

Anglo-Judeo-America (a term I use for all predatory countries of the North and the West of the world) is made up of countries in the hands of Shylock (the supranational banking and financial power behind the Federal Reserve, the IMF and ECB). Anglo-Judeo-America will soon be insolvent. The empire is in a state of decline, in each and every sense of the word. Bolstering it we find only media manipulations and lethal arms, which the empire increasingly feels it can use at will. It is a well-known fact that when capitalism dies, it can rise from the grave again if the corpse is infused once more with the breath of life. That breath of life is called War. However, the old solution can only work when the economy, the means of production and the body of society display at least some signs of health, but now we face only advanced decay. We are watching the zombies as they walk over the edge of a cliff. Disaster has become inevitable.

If you think about it, the (still timid) emerging powers (BRIC, Venezuela…), with substantially healthy economies, or economies which are healing, have no need for war – except in defence. Perhaps Russia and China will actually have to defend themselves. And soon. While the war against Africa (on so many fronts) is directed toward crushing sovereign nations in order to devour their marrow (just look at Iraq, and the clear parallels with the situation in Libya), geopolitically and strategically we also see that it’s a war directed against Russia and China.

Q: Do you know if NATO used bombs containing Depleted Uranium during the heavy airstrikes on Tripoli and other Libyan cities? A recent study by Massimo Zucchetti, a nuclear technology teacher at the Politecnico in Turin, states that “there is discussion over the impact on Libya’s environment of arms containing DU, particularly Tomahawk cruise missiles with DU warheads, and that, according a worst case scenario, we can plausibly reckon on an increase in the incidence of tumours of about 6,200 cases per year for the next 70 years. It has been calculated that 112 missiles were launched on the first day of the war and it is more than likely that 1,000 or so had been launched before the war ended.”

A: There can be no doubt that the bloodthirsty “willing” predators (including shameless Italy) dumped an enormous quantity of bombs onto the soil of Libya (more than the quantity used during WWII). Most warheads included depleted uranium (or enriched uranium, see here). After all, that’s how today’s democracy works. A crime has been committed not only against humanity but also against Mother Nature. What shall we do with our nuclear waste? The best thing is to use it for arms to make high-penetration missiles. Best not to waste anything. Translating into permanent injury for today’s ‘flavour of the month’ bad guys (as I pointed out in an earlier interview, the harm is practically eternal). Plus the advantage that it costs nothing to transfer the uranium from the waste deposits. Returning to Kali Yuga, I’d like to point to certain key aspects of the dark age we live in. “‘Civilized’ warfare (with its codes of conduct and honour precisely set forth) is a thing of the past. Men fight like the Asuras and Rakshasas. As opposed to the other Yugas, who would cease their fighting from sunset to dawn, cremate the fallen and meditate upon war, the fighters of the era of Kali do not stop. Their only concern is final victory. Sadism becomes more marked. (…) The kshatriyas, the regal, warrior caste, is corrupted (…); their chiefs become rogues, criminals and terrorists. They try to use their remaining power to exploit the people: the kings themselves become thieves who will steal from their subjects rather than protect and defend them”. The fact that the State “warriors” (mercenaries) of the present day are also (unhealthy) carriers of this radioactive plague seems to accord well, mutatis mutandis, with the picture I have just painted. As for the costs of war, these costs are to be paid for precisely by the country that has been invaded and destroyed, plus the interest imposed by the loan sharks. The oil is used for this purpose too (see Iraq). The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization has just told the cutthroat-breast murderers of Benghazi (news – 17:00, 30 October 2011 – see Libya S.O.S.) that (at present) the costs of the war come to 480,000,000 dollars. Who knows whether the sum includes interest or not? Probably not.

Q: Geopolitically speaking, the attack on Libya shows just how determined the United States and its allies are to create an enduring escalation of warfare in the area of the Mediterranean and Near East, clearly with a view to destabilising all who do not bend to what the Latin Americans balefully call “Washington’s will”. We’ve recently heard from observers, including Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, that Libya will be followed by Syria and Iran. Can you give us your thoughts on this?

A: For at least a decade, Syria and Iran (by the way, Iran is a tougher ‘nut’ to crack…) have also been in the sights of the Washington-London-Tel Aviv globalists (see here). As for Syria, an NTC has already been formed, also known as CNT (by a macabre coincidence of history CNT was the acronym for the Spanish anarcho-syndicalists). The NTC was constituted in Turkey, a faithful ally of Washington, and Turkey is one of the backstabbing Muslim States responsible for the rape of Libya. Erdogan, again, reveals his fake-Islamic dönme identity. Those who believe he might be the new condottiero of a new Ottoman empire and of a renewed Islam in the Middle East will just have to think again. His anti-Zionism is false (he obliged the Mavi Marmara to raise the flag of Comoros, not the Turkish flag, just before it set sail from Istanbul as part of the 2010 Freedom Flotilla. Erdogan played a key role in aborting Freedom Flotilla II, already foundering as a result of the “aid” received from Qatar. His conduct is yet another instance of the twisted representation of reality that characterises our society-of-all-that-is-spectral. And the Turks are waking up to this state of affairs. The lords of chaos could do to Turkey, with its Kurdish minority, what they’ve done to Libya and what they’re planning to do to Syria. He who lives by the sword…

Q: From the military angle, during the operations, “Operation Odyssey Dawn and Unified Protector”, which began with the French Armée de l’Air’s surprise attack on 19 March, the NATO coalition was flanked by Arab aircraft. To be more precise, Qatar with six Mirage 2000-5EDA and DDA aircraft and the United Arab Emirates with 12 aircraft (Mirage 2000-9 EAD/DAD and F16E/F). This basically means that a part of the Arab world, too, came out against Qaddafi – which is something we already saw during the Gulf War. What’s your take on this Arab participation?

A: Yes. The Anglo-Judeo-American predators are carving up Libya together with key Arab and Islamic countries (excepting Syria and Algeria, both threatened), and with the practically full support of the Palestinian resistance organizations. It is, actually, a tragedy within the tragedy, and the most squalid chapter in their recent history. As we were saying, it goes deeper than just the monarcho-theocratic Gulf dictatorships (led by Qatar, whose boots-on-the-ground actions were decisive). These dictatorships sold out long ago to America and are de facto collaborators of the Zionist entity. Iran, too, cheered as they watched the nauseating spectacle of Qaddafi’s lynching. Iran’s Minister of Defence says he’s keen to work together with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Egypt, the oppressor Egyptian army and the Al-Qa‘ida filth in Benghazi. Hezbollah’s Lebanon dances to the same tune and, from the start, has been a key player in spreading Al-Jewzeera and Al-Arabiya’s colossal lies, and demanding a “no-fly zone”, i.e. an imperialistic attack on yet another Arab country. And, sadly, even the Palestinians (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP…) have been crying for Libya’s blood. This is a particularly shameless act of betrayal, after the unceasing support of Qaddafi’s Libya for their cause, with no underhand dealings with the enemy whatsoever. The Jamahiriya – which respected and practised the fundamentals of the Koran – was considered by its theocratic foes overly non-religious. The great Qaddafi had always considered, and has always defended, management of the common good as the task of the masses, self-organised as people’s committees, curbing the priestly rabble, with their tyrannical ways, as well as foreign meddling. The fundamental rights that all Libyan citizens enjoyed under the Jamahiriya, including, especially, women’s rights, were incomparably greater than you’ll find in any other Muslim State. It was the battle conducted to safeguard the Jamahiriya against a reactionary minority – and Nasser first, and Saddam afterwards, were to conduct the same battle. As for the (atheistic, materialistic and dictatorial) groups of Trotskyite-Stalinist origin, their hatred of the Libyan experiment consisted (consists) in the fact that this experiment – a third way, transcending twentieth-century totalitarianism and moribund capitalism – showed (shows) up their own illusory ambitions, already condemned by history (see Green Charter Movement Third Universal Theory (1) and (2). There is more to Qaddafi’s death sentence than his flaws, shortcomings and errors (the worst being his reckless “openings” to the West – give a vampire a hand, or even a finger, and he’ll tear off your arm and then devour your heart and brain). There is more. That ‘more’ is to be found in his immense merits (see video 1, video 2, video 3), his intelligence and sincerity, his courage (see video 4, video 5, video 6). The North Atlantic handed him over to the monstrous torturers and racists who sully the name of Islam. Neither they nor Hamburgerland’s witch [Hillary Clinton], will have reason to cheer. Qaddafi represents the green idea which shall live on and shall indicate the only way out for humanity. Like a star, he is eternal. The one who laughed as he pummelled his corpse is now a dead man walking. He shall walk for only a brief time still.

Q. The Western media and other media too. For example, Al Jazeera, which showed only the (often false) footage that the aggressors wanted to be shown. The brutality of the loyalist troops. Popular ‘support’ for the rebels. Silence over the tremendous consequences of the airstrikes on the civilian population. The blood on the rebels’ hands. A well-oiled propaganda mill, after the ‘mistakes’ of the Viet Nam war (once upon a time, reporters would flock to the front line). Now, all we see are the embedded TV and newspaper hacks and their endless drivel. What are your thoughts on the West’s so-called free press?

A: The press is now completely in the hands of the loan sharks and warmongers. Here we see political correctness in action. And it makes very little difference if you think you’re a ‘left-winger’ (note the etymology!) or a ‘right-winger’. Both camps belong to the same system of exploitation and manipulation of the masses. I saw a newspaper hack from the ANSA agency at my press conference on 27 October. He quietly disappeared after the first quarter of an hour. Of course, not one word from his ‘agency’ about my press conference. ANSA has in fact just entered into a fraternal agreement with Al-Jewzeera (something Mr Napolitano commented on approvingly).

Q: What about Italy? What’s the outcome for Italy, and its squalid, two-faced political class? Our FM, Frattini, took his orders from the Anglo-Saxons and from the powers that be, north of the Alps. And the government and the fake opposition grovel and obey every order issued by NATO, with Giorgio Napolitano’s support. The man who applauded the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 is now an unconditional supporter of NATO in Libya.

A: Ours is a longstanding ‘commitment’ to bombing (including mustard gas), invading and colonizing Libya (and massacring and deporting its inhabitants). It goes back to 1911. From the Giolitti government through to Mussolini’s, Italy incessantly plagued Libya until 1943, including horrific incidents such as Al Kufra. We betrayed Austria at the start of WWI. Toward the end of WWII, we betrayed Germany as well. All in all, we’re pretty good at betraying people! Berlusconi offered Jamahiriya Italy’s apologies along with war reparations, and he stipulated a Friendship Agreement. He’d done something that was not only right and just but also beneficial for our country. He then lost his one and only chance to go down in history with at least a feather in his cap. He will now be remembered only as the unreliable, cowardly, opportunist liar he really is. A real ItaGlian. As for Napolitano, I think I’ve already said enough.

Q: Lastly, Mr Fallisi, what can Libya expert now that it’s been ‘freed’ by NATO?

A: To find out what’s going on in Libya I urge everyone to stay away from the embedded mainstream media. Thankfully, snippets of truth can still be picked up here and there from the internet, at sites such as Mathaba Libya News, AlFatah69, Eccleza, Libya360, MCC43, LibyaSOS, ResistenciaLibia, AlgeriaISP, LibiaSOS and STcom. You will learn that resistance to the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and to the Kali Yuga “rebels” has only just begun. The Libyan people are unwilling to lay their heads on the chopping block. I embrace them with all my heart and I hope they will win.

December 2011.

The interview can be read in Italian language here.

Listen here to Joe Fallisi’s new song “Do not stand at my grave and weep”, dedicated to Aisha Gaddafi and to all the mothers of the Jamahiriya (poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye – 1932; music by Joe Fallisi – 2011).


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