Mankind chasing symptoms of diseases

Mr Robert Boakye of the Bwoachi Health Centre and Fitness Coaching, is to open a clinic and wellness retreat centre in Accra.

Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases
Cardiovascular Diseases: Who Is At Risk?

VaccinationsHe said he would use the facility to provide a harmonious environment where people could be coached back to health and vitality.

Mr Boakye noted that mankind is chasing symptoms of diseases rather than finding the root cause and focusing on the health needs of the individual.

“We are still chasing symptoms of diseases rather than finding the root cause and focusing on the health needs of the individual,” he said.

Mr Boakye said in a statement in Accra and copied to Ghana News Agency that in 2014, 387 million people suffered from diabetes worldwide, with 450,000 cases of diabetes in Ghana.

“Whilst the general approach amongst the medical community is to treat patients through drugs, a more beneficial approach will be to prevent the patient from getting sick by educating them on the disease, in order to have a better understanding of food, and how blood sugar levels could be controlled simply through diet and change of lifestyle.

“There is a paint with the same brush mentality to dealing with health issues, and this never rejuvenates one back to optimum health, and in many cases can create other health problems.

“There needs to be a shift in thinking. It all starts with awareness and education of what it means to be healthy. A place where we should start, but is far too often overlooked, is fuel – nutrition.

The statement quoted Mr Boakye as saying: “Haven studied with various leaders in the field of holistic health and fitness, the C.H.E.K Institute, Dr Kucera of the Russian Space Medicine Centre, and Holistic Health Doctor Dr Kubin, the common denominator with all these experts is that the essence of health is energy production and consumption.

“At my practice, I assist people to regain their health using various forms of energy therapy, health psychology and lifestyle coaching.

“My approach is individualised and holistic, knowing that change of lifestyle is hard, one of the first steps I recommend is supplementation.

“The supplement I recommend Is Carnosine Younger. If you are over 30, your body needs this.

“If you are under 30 and have health problems or are an athlete, your body needs this. Carnosine helps the Mitochondria (The Engines Of The Cells), to work more efficiently.”

The statement said with an average of 50 trillion cells in the body, each one with between one and 3000 mitochondria in them, these powerhouses are paramount for survival, for life.

“Our Carnosine Younger Formula is helping people improve their health. People with diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cerebral palsy, neurological diseases like dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, can all benefit.

“It improves recovery during training, and also acts as an anti ageing supplement due to the effect it has on the mitochondria.

“The benefits are many, and over in England professional athletes like Togo International Footballer Ibo Sonko, amongst others have been clients of mine that have reaped the rewards this supplement can offer.

“My vision is to work with Ghanaians, so we as a people can return as close to as possible to how we lived before industrialisation took over, taking our health into our own hands, and understanding we have everything we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“We must live as natural as we once did. Sankofa. Eating real food, moving our bodies, resting our bodies and pursuing goals that promote mental health, clarity and happiness; or as I usually simplify it ‘The 4 Doctors – Dr Diet, Dr Movement, Dr Quiet, Dr Happiness’.”

The statement said Mr Boakye is bringing his know-how to Ghana to help his people, become better versions of themselves.

It said without health (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical), there is no solid foundation to build upon.

“Wealth means nothing without health. But more importantly, life is of little joy without health. It’s time to change, it’s time to take charge of our own health and I’m (Mr Aboakye) loving the opportunity I have to be a part of this change.

“My objective is ultimately to work with Ghanaians, bringing more awareness to what true health is, and how we can take charge of our own life to acquire this,” the statement said.


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