MDCEs asked to stop leaking confidential documents

MMDA’s and Directors
MMDA’s and Directors

Mr Joshua Gmayenaam Makubu, Oti Regional Minister, has asked Municipal and District Chief Executives (MDCEs) and staff of decentralised institutions to refrain from releasing, disseminating and disclosing confidential documents to third parties as that constituted a crime.

He said people who were in the habit of sharing such important documents, which usually appeared on social media platforms should refrain from the act or suffer punishment for such behaviours.

Mr Makubu who was speaking at the first official meeting with MDCEs and heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies said, sharing of important documents negatively affected the efficient and effective performance of administration at that level.

He said “together we build, but the callous behaviour of individuals or a minority grouping has the potential to derail the collective interest of all”.

He pledged to operate an open-door policy and ready for diverse ideas that could accelerate the development of the area, saying “let us reduce the negativities and forge a constructive way ahead”.

The MDCEs lamented about the activities of the nomadic herdsmen and their cattle, which had led to many farmlands being destroyed and livelihoods lost.

He said large tracts of fertile land in the Region are released to scale-up agriculture and produce several varieties of crops, but the activities of the Fulani herdsmen was making farming unattractive.

The MDCEs said lack of potable water, a vital resource for sustaining life and development, needed a second look at, if the Region must make progress as its continuous absence would affect the socio-economic livelihood of the area.

The Regional Minister gave the assurance that he would collaborate with the Ministry of Water Resources and other relevant institutions to tackle the problems urging them to be patient for solutions.


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