Ms. Krobea Owusuaa
Ms. Krobea Owusuaa

wpid-metro-mass.jpgThe decision by a conductor of Metro Mass Transit Company at Cape Coast on Thursday March 13 2014 to advice passengers waiting for the bus to Accra to form who were standing hapharzdly to form a queue in an orderly manner to ensure easy distribution of tickets when the bus arrives was met with a slap when the Depot Manager of the Company, Ms. Krobea Owusuaa questioned the authority under which the conductor moved from his point to advice the passengers.

The advice by the conductor, Issah Abdulai was said to have not gone down well with the Depot Manager, Ms. Krobea Owusuaa and questioned the conductor who gave him that authority, and before Issah Abdulai could open his mouth to say a word, he had already received a hefty slap from the Depot Manager, Ms. Krobea Owusuaa who dared Issah Abulai to open his mouth again for another slap.

Not convinced by Depot Manager?s behaviour, Issah Abdulai reported the matter to the Kotokoraba police who detailed two officers to go and invite Ms. Krobea Owusuaa to the station for questioning.

However, when the police went to the Metro Mass office, Ms. Owusua refused to honour the invitation and ordered the police to leave her office.

The police then went back and reported the matter to their Superior who then sent other men to go and invite her, but before they got to her office she was nowhere to be found.

The unjustifiable action by the Depot Manager was met with demonstration by drivers and conductors of the Company the following day, Fri. March 14 who vowed not to work the following day, Friday 14 March, demanding stringent action to be taken by the Management against Ms. Owusuaa.

It took the intervention and effort of the Human Resource Manager, Mr. Otoo and the Operation Manager Mr. Tom as well as Union Chairman, Ahenkora persuade the workers to resume work.

As a result of the demonstration, the first bus which was to leave Cpe Coast to Accra by 3:30am left around 9:30am.

Source Robert Ayanful-The Moment


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