Mindshare Opened Dubai On ?Planning for Agility?

?Planning for Agility? Makes a Splash in Dubai
?Planning for Agility? Makes a Splash in Dubai

Mindshare, which is part of WPP, is a global media agency network helping clients to make collaborative and adaptive decisions across their paid, owned, and earned marketing in real-time.? Mindshare?s most recent media summit, operating under the theme ?Planning for Agility,? brought together the industry?s brightest minds to discuss harmonizing Paid, Owned, and Earned channels to maximize brand awareness and marketing effectiveness.

?Planning for Agility? Makes a Splash in Dubai
?Planning for Agility? Makes a Splash in Dubai

?Planning for Agility? drew in a thrilling array of celebrity speakers from the fields of tech, brain science, sports, and more. Daniel Sieberg, Author of ?The Digital Diet? and Google’s Head of Media Outreach moderated throughout the day, beginning with Dutch football superstar Ruud Gullit, who shared his on- and off-field experience in an action-packed panel titled ?Planning Ahead to Score Future Goals.? Renowned ethical hacker and technologist Josh Klein provided his insights in ?Surviving and Thriving in the Digital Age,? supermodel and CEO Caprice Bourret shared her successes and lessons in ?What?s Hot? Being Agile in Today?s Marketplace,? and brain science expert Olivier Oullier taught the crowd fascinating ?neuro-hacks? in ?Mental Agility: Mastering the Emorational Brain.? Three experts from the global Mindshare team also shared in the day, including Liam MacManus from ?Risking Everything in Real-Time,? which examined the Global Planning Director?s success in the renowned Nike ?Risk Everything? campaign, as well as Global Head of Strategy Tim Elton and Managing Partner of Invention Sean Jefferson in ?The Media Plan of the Future: How Any Brand Can be Agile.?

The one-day summit offered a lineup of industry experts from around the world, who gave thought-provoking presentations that advised attendees on how to harness the extreme timeliness of modern-day communications to create agile marketing strategies that identify with customers on a closer level than ever before. Taking place at the Meydan Gallery at The Meydan Hotel, Dubai, the event attracted a vast array of industry professionals seeking expertise in creating communications that are relevant, engaging, and powerful for consumers.

?Whether we are talking about large brands or small brands, maximizing the potential of today?s marketplace requires agile planning,? commented Mindshare MENA CEO Samir Ayoub. ?Each of our fascinating panelists shared their invaluable expertise ? whether we?re talking about behavioral science to better understand our consumers, or football strategy to understand our competitors. We?re thrilled to have completed another action-packed media summit with tons of unique insights for our attendees.?


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